Cold and Fast

Living in Georgia gives you four seasons: hot, holy cow hot, two weeks of “winter,” and pollen.  So when we get cold weather here, we don’t know what to do with it.  It was 12 degrees by the time I got to work today.  TWELVE!  While a great deal of the nation may be used to colder weather during the winter season, we down South are not.

Being a stubborn minded Southern woman, I had my mind set on going for a run after work this evening, and JC agreed to go with me.  So I clocked out of work, pulled on my running gear (a long sleeve tech shirt, a short sleeve shirt over the top, my running skirt with long pants, gloves, ear muffs, my Feetures socks), filled my Orange Mud water bottle (which I love more with each run) with some fruit punch Nuun (mmmmm), and drove over to Hendershots to meet up.  Oh my goodness, but it was cold!  Regardless, we started out walking and talking, getting our GPS watches synced, sniffling with the cold.

Not a terribly exciting distance, but a good quick run.

Not a terribly exciting distance, but a good quick run.

As you may be aware by now, I’m a very slow runner.  Period.  So JC and I are actually really good running companions because we have different natural paces, so we challenge each other.  Perfection!  A 14:37 pace is a quick pace for me, especially after a long day at work when my legs already feel a little heavy and slow.  By the time we were just about ready to end our run, my legs and I were feeling good.  I actually could (and probably should) have gone another couple of miles, but as we got closer to Hendershots, I could all but smell the hot chocolate calling my name.  So we ended at 2.9 miles, pleased with both our pace and the fact that we braved the cold.  Twenty-nine degrees may be the coldest temperatures that I have ever braved for a run, but it was worth it.  Cold and fast, and just about perfect.

On my drive home, it just kept getting colder.

On my drive home, it just kept getting colder.

Happy running y’all!!


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