It Was No Fun Run

Running a little, every other day, sounded like a great idea in my head.  However, my calves/quads/back seem to think differently.  *sigh*

I went for a run on Monday evening, right after work.  I was gonna chew up 3 miles, and spit them out on the pavement.  I was a bad mudda, who wasn’t gonna take nothin’ offa no one!  It was about 50 degrees, but felt colder than my 50 degree wet run on Saturday.  Weird, but whatever.  I get started, carrying my awesome Orange Mud hand held water bottle, wearing my great skirt, and just feeling sassy.  I walked further than I was originally intending, as I had run (ha ha) into a friend who was finishing her run.  We chatted until I turned off and headed a different direction.  My back felt super tight, and my legs were sore, but I was hoping to get loosened up as I warmed up some more.  I was going to crush this run!!

Do you remember when I mentioned that how a woman feels in her clothes can affect her emotions?  I began having some crazy wardrobe malfunctions, and it possibly affected my overall feelings about my run.  My shirt kept hiking itself up, exposing my belly, and my skirt top began sliding down, exposing even more belly.  I don’t know why my clothes began misbehaving, but they seriously felt the need to make me utter curse words under my breath.  Every running interval I’m pulling my shirt down and my skirt up, throwing my stride off, and making me increasingly uncomfortable.  ARG!!!

A mile and a half in and my back is still hurting, I’m highly irritated with my clothes, and I’m feeling grumpy.  Running is therapy for me, and it is just not cutting it tonight.  *grumble grumble whine whine*  As I close out my run at a measly two miles, I realize something.  I have just beaten my mileage for the entire month of December, and it’s only the fifth of January.  Ah ha!  It’s a strong possibility that my body was telling me that I was pushing myself too hard and too fast, by rapidly increasing my mileage.  Though I have made a goal to run 500 miles this year, that doesn’t mean I need to kill myself in the first week.  So I took Tuesday and Wednesday off, and have made plans to run tomorrow (Thursday) night.  I may be running alone again, as we have been hit by some bitterly cold weather.

Baby, it's cold outside!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

In Georgia we tend to think that 40 degrees is incredibly cold, and we are staring at 15 degrees tonight.  Tomorrow evening, when I’m scheduled to get off of work, it’s forecast to be below freezing.  However, I’m planning to put on some ear warmers, gloves, and two running shirts (I don’t have a vest or jacket), and getting my behind out for a run.  It may only be another 2 miler, but I’m going to put the miles in regardless.

Happy running y’all!


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