1, 2, 3.3 miles on a Sunday!

So I had a lot of trouble, last week, developing the initiative to go outside and run.  It was hot, humid, and I just didn’t have the energy.  So Saturday rolls around, and by golly, I’m gonna run!  But I didn’t.  Instead I had a great day hanging out with my two guys, and by the time H went to sleep, it was hot and painfully muggy.  So, I promise myself that come Hades or high water, I’m going for a run first thing Sunday morning.

Sunday morning creeps around, and H sleeps all the way in until 6:30!  That’s very late for him, by the way.  So H & I play for a few, trying to let B get some extra sleep, but he is bound and determined to get up and experience all his second Father’s Day had to offer.  So I slip his gifts and cards out while he’s in the restroom, and head to the local convenience store for some freaking fantastic biscuits and potato wedges.  When I get back, he opens his gifts and cards, and then ruefully shakes his head because I had already given him an early Father’s Day gift a few weeks ago.  What can I say?  I LOVE to give presents!

While B and H begin munching their way through their respective biscuits, I change into my running gear, kiss them both goodbye, and head out the door.  The local park is about a 15 minute drive from my house, and the drive was cool and uneventful.

Cool, calm, and ready to go!

Cool, calm, and ready to go!

I get there and am pleased to see only one other runner, a dog and owner at the dog park, and a couple of kids at the skate park.  I get my gear ready to go, and start walking to my “starting point.”

My "gear."  My Skora's on my feet, my Asics for after warm up, and a bag to carry my Skora's for the rest of the run.

My “gear.” My Skora’s on my feet, my Asics for after warm up, and a bag to carry my Skora’s for the rest of the run.

After spending way too long getting my wireless earphones to sync up with my phone (I’m a bit dense), I got the laces on my Asics loosened so that I could make the shoe switch in a hurry. I got my interval timer set up, and started out.

The park is basically one big loop, each loop is .65 miles. I started off by walking a minute for warm up, then running a circuit of 45 seconds, then walking for a minute and fifteen seconds. I was still in my Skora’s, running!! I loved it. I felt the ground, was connected to the earth, and was able to really FEEL my run. So I dropped my Asics off on a bench that is about halfway around the loop, and kept running in my Skora’s for about a mile.  I was very sad to have to put the Asics on, but I really really don’t want another foot injury, so I’m going to keep slowly increasing my mileage in the Skora’s.

So I’m super excited about my 14:14 mile in my Skora running shoes, and am working on fully extending my legs behind me but not in front of me.  I keep hearing J yelling “forefoot” in my head, and that just gets a laugh out of me, while I’m wheezing and puffing away.  So I keep plugging away, counting the laps, and telling myself that the interval timer is counting down.  It will notify me when I’m done.

My pace is getting slower and slower and slower, and I can feel myself flagging.  The temperature has risen to about 80 degrees, and the humidity is about 80%, and there is no breeze.  What is it about a breeze that can increase your stamina, your reserve, and your overall feeling of well being?  On the rare occasion the breeze would trickle across the trees, it made me feel like I could just keep going!  Not only that, I had the hardest time staying out there when I was walking.  Not when I was running, but only when I was WALKING.  Another thing for me wonder about for the next fifty years, I suppose.

Regardless, I peek at my interval timer.  Only six more circuits to go.  Okay, I tell myself, I can do this.  After four more, I’m barely moving.  As I’m coming around the end, back to my starting point, I check the timer again.  It now reads eight!  Wait, what?Apparently it was stuck.  My RunKeeper timer now tells me that I’ve gone for 10 minutes longer than I had intended.  Not only that, I figured I might pound out about 2 1/2 miles, but my GPS tracker tells me that I’ve gone 3.3 miles!  I did a 5K plus!  Oh crap, but I’m starting to hurt.

Oh Heavenly Father, tell me I'm done.

Oh Heavenly Father, tell me I’m done.

Wait...I have to stretch!?

Wait…I have to stretch!?

So I head to the grass for a really good stretching session, and find myself hating pigeon.  Pigeon is evil!!  Okay, it’s actually really great when you’re as tight as I am, but it still hurt like crazy.  So I modify some yoga moves for the “Oh my gosh, I may never be able to move again” stiffness that’s starting to creep in, and creep my way back to the car.  And I sit there for about 5 minutes, air conditioning on high, before I put the car in first gear and head home.

What lesson have I learned?  Get a better timer, and remember to ingest more than a cup of coffee and a swig of coconut milk before going on a run.  And remember your freaking water bottle!  Yeah, I’m not only dense, but also a ditz.


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