Four Runs, One Post

Thursday, May 29th.  It started easily enough.  H had me up at 530AM, as usual.  We hung out with B, had a good day playing, waded in the kiddie pool, enjoyed the sunshine.  And then, I met up with J for a run.  She kicked my butt.  As per our usual, I wore my sweet Skora’s for the warm up walk (about a 1/2 mile), then switched in to my Asics for the remainder of the run.  We ran a 5k, and had a great time, as usual.  The only down side?  Usually around mile 1 1/2, my outer two toes on my right foot went numb.  However, it was a great run!  We finished, stretched, and headed off in our somewhat separate directions.  After a good run, I wanted meat for dinner.  Being as I tremendously hungry, I stopped and picked up dinner.  Who is sitting on the patio of the restaurant?  J!  So she admired a Mother’s Day gift from my hubby, we chatted while I waited for my food, and then had a laugh about the fact that we can’t seem to escape each other.  Of course, do we really want to?  🙂    Surprisingly enough, my feet didn’t hurt the next day!  YAY!!!

Tuesday, June 3rd.  H, B, and I enjoyed our day together.  We did our usual play, frolic, splash, nap, eat ritual.  It was lovely!  And then I met up with J for a run.  Having taken four days off, I wanted to go closer to 3 1/2 miles in.  I slipped in to my sweet Skora’s, walked the warm up & changed in to my Asics.  As J had been through a rough few days, we talked, raged, yelled, cried, and reaffirmed that we are damn fine women.  We ate up the miles!  We ran 3.8 miles, and I slipped back into my Skora’s for the final portion.  Switching back in to the Skora’s after the run was an education for my feet.  It was WONDERFUL to really feel the ground, to reconnect with the earth beneath me!  We stretched and continued to talk in the parking lot.  We talked for the next hour and half.  It was a lovely run.  But my feet really hurt the next day.  More than that, my glutes were so tight that I had trouble lifting my right leg.  I kind of…swung it instead of lifting it.  I had pushed too hard.  I knew that it would be a few days before I could run again.  BLAST IT ALL!!

J and I, talking in the parking lot

J and I, talking in the parking lot

Saturday, June 7th.  H & I were hanging out at the house, while B was at work.  After his morning nap, I decided that I wanted to go for a run.  So I loaded the car up with my jogging stroller, changed in to my sassy running skirt, and H once he was awake and fed.  We headed to a local park that has a relatively flat loop for walkers and joggers.  It was almost noon, so it was starting to get hot.  I loaded up a Disney Musical radio channel on my phone, started the Run Keeper app, and we started off.  I had planned to go about 2 1/2 miles, but H got fussy at 1 1/2.  So I took him out of the stroller, and let him run around the soccer fields, and climb on the playground.  He flirted with some older girls, and had a good time going barefoot for a while.  When he was getting hot and fussy, we jogged back to the car and cranked the air conditioning in the car.  The temperature had gone up almost 10 degrees while we were out!  So it was an uneventful run, with the exception of my GPS app not working.  It’s time to get a GPS watch.  ARG!

Monday, June 9th.  I had to work, and it was a 10-hour day, primarily on my feet.  But I was itching for a run after work, so I messaged J to see if she could join me.  We met up at our usual place, a lovely strip of paved running/walking/biking path through the woods, next to a river.  Her ankle was bothering her, and my gluteal tightness had returned, so we decided to walk instead of run.  We also decided to keep it short.  I actually did my warm up walk in my Skora’s just before we met up, so I laced into my Asics and we took off.  Our pace time was actually not too much slower than our running time!  I don’t know why, but that cracks me up.  Anyway, my right two outside toes went numb again, which tells me that I may need to invest in some different running shoes, while I’m trying to acclimate to my Skora’s.  Yeah, I’m sure I can talk my husband into that!



So those are my four most recent runs.  I’m still feeling super tight in my right glute, which means my running (and walking) form is a little off.  Time to find a good, local, massage therapist!  Hope y’all have had a great couple of weeks, and they just keep getting better!


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