Brilliant Women, and a Long Run (for me)

I’m a little…embarrassed to admit that I am utterly, totally, and completely intimidated by smart and well-educated women.  After taking a good look at myself, and my intellect, I’m sad to admit that I am not smart.  I am, however, very clever and creative.  You can appear utterly brilliant, even if you are not, by being clever.

J is tremendously intelligent, as well as very well learned.  She has started the application process for her master’s degree.  Her master’s!  And I sit over here, with my high school diploma, and a ton of college classes that refuse to add up to a degree.  Then I get home from work, and read my friend’s blog.  She is known as  The Baddest Mother Ever.  And she is completely awesome!  And also completely brilliant, well educated, and a fantastic writer.  Yet another woman in my life who utterly intimidates me.  More so, these two women are kind, thoughtful, beautiful, spirited, charismatic, and just downright lovely.

Moving on!  Today was a good day at work.  I got to care for some small babies, and some that are well into their 80’s.  I began to announce to my co-workers that I have accepted a new job, within the same organization but in a different department, and that I will be leaving late July.  It’s a sad thing, but I’m hopeful for the future too.

After work I changed into my running gear, and bravely marched out of work wearing a pair of running shorts.  Anyone who has ever been overweight knows the difficulty of accepting your girth and bravely putting it out there.  It’s a really hard thing to do.  I did it, and drove on over to J’s and my favorite run path.  I went ahead a ran a mile in my Skora’s for warm up, then I laced up my Asics and got prepped for our run.  We headed out, taking it nice and easy, and before we knew it…we were at our turn around!  So we kept talking about her fun weekend, H wrestling  a Tigger stuffed animal (and losing), and the joy and sadness animals give us.  Before I knew it, we were heading in to the last mile, at which point I was just a little too tired to keep running.  So for the last 3/4 mile, we walked.  We walked a very fast pace, but a walk none the less.  We get back to the parking lot and stop my GPS watch to see that we’ve gone 4.25 miles.  That’s the furthest I’ve gone in almost 5 years!  And the second farthest run that I’ve ever done!

So I’m going to take the next 3 days off of running, because I’m going to hurt tomorrow, and plan to meet up with J and her running group very early Saturday morning.  I know it’s not neither an exciting day, nor an exciting blog, but it’s just the kind of day that I had.  Hot, sticky, sweaty, successful, and a load of fun with one of my intimidating friends.

It was a good day.

My run with J.  Here's the proof!

My run with J. Here’s the proof!


One response to “Brilliant Women, and a Long Run (for me)

  1. HA! Thanks for the shoutout! Here’s a little truth from my side of the fence: I’ve always been intimidated by YOU because you are bold and confident! I’d never have the courage to cut my hair short or wear running shorts out of the office. I can’t even bring myself to go for a walk in my own neighborhood because I’m so out of shape. So please remember that other people are looking at YOU and being inspired and awed. I count myself lucky to know you and call you friend!

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