I Walked, and It Was Perfect

This past Thursday was a stunningly beautiful day in Georgia. Seventy five degrees, blue bird skies, light breezes, only moderate humidity…just spectacular.


The babies were in a pretty good mood, so I put them in the casual stroller (versus a jogging stroller), and we went for a mile and a half walk.  I continued listening to my Zombies, Run! app, enjoying the story with creepy zombie sound effects, and just walking.  The babies were pretty happy and quiet, and we even jogged a couple of times.  Our pace was pretty slow, but at least we were out.
I did, however, learn that my Skora Fits have a downside to them.  I developed what I refer to as swamp foot, which is that hot sweaty foot feel, while we were out.  They were fabulous during the cooler months, but I think that they might not breathe enough for warm weather running…at least, not for me.  So I’ve ordered a pair of Skora Tempos, and I have high hopes for them.  Stay tuned for updates on them!
Happy running, y’all!!

*FYI – I am not affiliated with Skora Running, or Orange Mud, or Skirt Sports, or the Zombies, Run! app in any way, I just love the products.


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