Twins – the Good, the Bad, the Diapers

The babies are just shy of 6 months old.  How has it been 6 months!?  The time is flying by, while simultaneously dragging.  The babies are growing so fast, now taking solids, and just exploding with new skills every single day.


The good – Twins.  I mean, come on!  There are two new little people to love and cherish in my life!  H has become so attached to them, just loving on them all the time.  The smiles are amazing, the sounds and giggles they produce, the snuggles…oh, the snuggles!  As a family we are working on a routine, spending time together, and loving each other.


The bad – I don’t get the one on one time with H anymore.  There is always a baby on my hip, and half the time one of them is crying.  They don’t nap at the same time very often, so I rarely get a break.  Childcare costs are ridiculous, so I can’t go back to work right now because the cost of daycare would be higher than my mortgage.  Trying to entertain 2 babies, in various stages of tired, can be very trying.  Throw in the one weekend every few weeks when B has to work, and I’m on my own with the twins and a pre-schooler.  Poor H barely gets any time with me on that weekend!  Mom guilt is a very real, very hard thing.


The diapers – We go through about 80 diapers a week.  ‘Nuff said.

Happy running y’all!


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