I’m Neither Brilliant, Nor Consistent

So I had a decent run last Sunday, but I never told y’all about it.  Sorry!  To start with, my calves, ankles, and achilles have been hurting a lot since I started my new job.  I thought that I walked a lot on Pediatrics, but that has nothing on working in a Midwifery!  I am quite literally on my feet from 7:30AM until 5:30PM.  So now I have a new appreciation for the techs who took care of me when I was the pregnant one, and I really want to help all these momma’s have just as a fantastic experience as I had!  Regardless, due to all the lower leg pain, I’ve been taking it easy with running.

I only ran one evening last week, and then skipped Saturday but ran with the turtle group on Sunday instead.  Our group started out a little later than we normally do, and the day started heating up fast.  I was using my new, supremely awesome, hydration belt and ended up emptying the bottles by then end of the run!  I fueled up with half of a peanut butter and honey sandwich, taking the other half for the run, and kissed H and B goodbye while heading for the door.  After meeting up with the group, we headed out using a slightly different route than the week before, still using our 20/40 ratio.  We paused a little more than halfway through, for a potty break, and I never really got my groove back.  My right glute starting seizing up, causing a slight limp, and I just didn’t enjoy the second half as well.  Not to mention, I forgot to turn my GPS back on for .55 miles.  Argh!  Booooo.  Afterwards, I did have a tremendous time sitting with the other ladies, drinking a smoothie, wiping crystallized salt off my skin, talking talking talking.  That is one thing I really love about group running…then conversations!  In 4.95 miles, we talked running preferences, houses, parking, birthing, children, family, swimming, biking, drinking, pacing, etc.  Just your usual weirdness when running with a group full of women.  To add a little entertainment value to the day, I learned that three of the women used to run with one of my new co-workers, who may be joining us now.  YAY!

Forgot to turn the GPS back on.  I'm an idiot.

Forgot to turn the GPS back on. I’m an idiot.

After last Sunday, I decided to take the whole weekday part of my week off, while I try to find better shoes for work.  My beat up, nasty, stained, smelly yard shoes (a 5 year old pair of Crocs) are the winner.  So today I went to the Crocs outlet and picked up a new pair, but they feel a little different.  I’ll try them out at work this week, and pray that they are a better than the numerous pair that I have tried over the past week.

I now have every Friday off of work, so I shipped H off to daycare so I could get my car serviced and go for a run.  I dropped my car off for an oil change and tire rotation, told them I’d be back in a bit over an hour, and then walked down the main road for a half mile and before running in a neighborhood.  Once again, I forgot to start the GPS.  Doh!

The run started off pretty well, especially the downhill portion that I ran the whole way.  Downhills are quad killers, but I love them!  Lean forward and let gravity work for you.  Sweetness!  Anyway, I know this neighborhood pretty well, so I knew I had a killer uphill coming up, so I watched my run getting slower and slower as I got closer to the dreaded “Mount Providence.”

I stuck with my 20/40 that I have been using, making sure to pump my arms harder and give myself more forward force.  It didn’t matter.  It was a heck of a hill.  As I’m trying to slow my breathing on the downhill, my phone rings.  It’s the mechanic telling me that I have a rusty nail placed in the most inopportune spot in my tire.  A place that cannot be patched.  So I’m now having to think about getting  a new tire!

Can you see the rusty nail?

Can you see the rusty nail?

The nail is ready for it's close-up.

The nail is ready for it’s close-up.

If you know anything about tires, you’ll notice that my tread is just about worn away.  It was time for new tires anyway, but I had to talk to my husband to discuss how much we could afford to spend.  Then I had to call back and leave a message for the owner, who also happens to be a friend, and then wait for him to call me back.  During this 20 minute overall process, I’m walking.  Not running, but walking.  If I hadn’t have had to walk, I could have shaven at least 10 minutes off of my time!  Silly nail!

Regardless, I finish my run, climbing Mount Providence a second time.  I alternate walking and running back to the mechanic, running on asphalt when there was no traffic coming, walking on the grass when there was.  I job into the parking lot, hitting stop on my watch.  5.15 miles!  Actually 5.25 if you count the tenth of a mile that I didn’t have the GPS turned on.  Longest run ever!!!  Woot woot!  So, other than it being a rather expensive morning, it was a good one.

You can tell when I had to walk!

You can tell when I had to walk!

I came home, had a soak in the tub, washed dishes and did laundry, and then went and picked up my little monkey from daycare.  All in all, it was a really good day.  Hope yours has been great too, and happy running y’all!


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