It Was One Of THOSE Runs

I was SO looking forward to my run tonight!  But after all day on my feet at work, I was tuckered.  B was working late, and my in-laws were looking after H, so I knew I didn’t want to go out too far and really put them out.  J was planning on 5 miles, but I was only looking to do 4.  We had a friend of hers joining us, and a new runner coming out as well, so 4 suited the whole party.
We started out, doing 30/30 intervals, and I could tell early on that I was probably not going to be able to do the 4.  ARGH!!  I told J where I planned to turn back, and the new runner decided to turn back with me.  We chatted while we ran, both of us struggling a bit, and cut it a little shorter than planned, though no shorter than necessary.  We made it right at 2.5 miles in 45 minutes.  Great for her!  Meh for me.
I rushed home to a sleeping child, and the ridiculousness of never ending laundry, and some truly aching feet.  For me, starting this new job is an education in so many ways.  I’m learning a ton, but I actually had to ask a co-worker how long it took her body to adjust to it.  She told me about a month, but she’s significantly younger and lighter than I am, so I figure about 3 for me.  I think that my Tuesday and Thursday runs are going to be short and hard on my legs and feet for quite a while, but my body will eventually adjust.  I believe that if the Mighty Kacy can finish the American Ninja Warrior City Finals, I can handle a handful of runs that aren’t all that great or fun.
Happy running y’all!!


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