2.3 Muggy Miles

So this morning I woke up, picked H up from his crib, changed a sopping wet diaper, and got him ready for school (i.e. – daycare).  After a minor meltdown during drop-off, I laced up my new Brooks Transcend shoes, strapped on my Nike+ GPS watch, and got dressed for my run.  And then, what…wait!  My bra strap just snapped!  So I got all creative, and made do.

Why yes, that IS a rubber band holding my bra together.

Why yes, that IS a rubber band holding my bra together.

I got to the local park and let me tell you, it may not have been hot, but BOY was it muggy!  I got my music going, and turned on my interval timer for my 45 second run – 75 second walk cycles.  My interval timer has been a bit glitchy, probably because it’s on my phone which is also my music player.  So I set it up for a 30 minute session, and I went 35 minutes before I checked it.  Whoops!  🙂

I don't know about where you're from, but here in the South...it means very muggy weather!

I don’t know about where you’re from, but here in the South…it means very muggy weather!

I felt okay during my session.  I’m not really sure about these shoes yet, as I had a mild amount of numbness going, but none of the painful burning I was getting.  I think that I need to play with my lacing, as that may be contributing to the odd foot feel.  I felt like I could feel my right foot really overpronating, whereas my left was not.  I’m gonna give the shoes another go on Thursday, and that will be my deciding run.  I’ll go out for 30 on Thursday, but I’m really looking forward to my 4-miler this weekend!  I’m going to keep training for my half, with cross-train days on my off running days.

After my run, I went back to the car and pulled on my Skora’s, and dove in to my frosty cold bottle of La Croix sparkling water.  My husband and I bicker over how it is pronounced every time I pull one out.  He swears it is pronounced “la crow,” whereas I flash back to Ab Fab in my head and keep saying, “La Croix, sweetie, La Croix!”  Anyone who has ever seen the show will get it, the rest of you may remain clueless.        🙂

Doesn't that look SO good!?

Doesn’t that look SO good!?

I’m really looking forward to seeing J this week, as I haven’t gotten to hang out with her since our last run.  I know that she’s had a lot going on in her personal life, so I can’t wait to hear about it all!  I do love to gossip while I run.  Happy running y’all!


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