Sadness, but New Shoes

After my last few runs, and after a long day at work, my right foot has been really hurting.  The pain just keeps getting worse, so I was afraid that I had developed a stress fracture.  Noooo!!  So I contacted my doctor’s office and made an appointment.  I went in, and after a quick exam she told me that I did not, in fact have a stress fracture, but had a bony cyst.  She has hypothesized that the cyst has developed due to my pronation, or rather my over-pronation, and how I have been running in my shoes.  Her prescription?  New shoes.  She specifically stated that she didn’t want me running in my Skora’s for the moment.  I have nothing nice to say about that pronouncement, but I feel like I must abide for the moment.  I am just so drastically overweight that it’s been taking me longer to transition than I was hoping for, so perhaps wearing my Skora’s for everyday use, while training for the half marathon in a new pair, is what I need to do for the moment.

So I went to a local running company to be fitted, and had a weird and not so great experience.  The sales person and I argued over the benefits for minimalist shoes, he stating that I was just wrong in my belief that minimalist shoes are great even if they aren’t for everyone.  I get fitted, try on 3 different shoes, and decide on one of the pairs.  It’s last years model, so it’s on sale!  But if I have any issues, I can’t bring them back for a refund or exchange.  ???  So I agree to go with this year’s model, and pay the extra $30.  On my 40 minute drive home, I realize he had given me shoes that were 2 sizes too small.  REALLY!?  So I take them back the next day, and trade them out for the last years model and some expensive socks.  At home I did the math, and realized that I had still overpaid by $15, so I go back again the following day and get a full refund.  This weekend I hit up a different running store, Fleet Feet in Athens, and had a freaking great experience.  The lovely young woman who was my sales associate, measure my arch while I was sitting and standing, checking the flex of my arch.  There was a full size and half difference on my right foot, but only a half size on my left.  While walking barefoot, there was some very obvious over-pronation in my right foot, though not so much in my left.  With my past injuries, and my current issues, she had her work cut out for her.  Five pairs of shoes, a jog down the sidewalk, and a pretty substantial charge later, I’m walking out with a pair of Brooks Transcends, in a size 9.  I’ve never worn a shoe larger than an 8 1/2, but they felt a little better in the 9.  Plus running downhill would hurt less, I think.

The box is pretty.

The box is pretty.

Ooooo....they are bright and pretty!

Ooooo….they are bright and pretty!

When I asked about the store’s return policy, I was informed that they wanted me to feel safe and secure when running.  Period.  So I’m taking a 45 minute run/walk session tomorrow, and we’ll see how my feet feel.  If I feel great and love the shoes, then I’ll keep them!  If my toes go numb, I have any burning or discomfort, I’ll take them back before work.  I’m really excited about new shoes, but I’m sad to be stepping away from my Skora’s, however briefly.

On the other side, I’m so excited!  I just filled out my calendar with my planned workouts and runs.  How exciting is it to plan your cross-train days?  And your runs!?  How many miles am I going to fit into a 45 minute run?  How about a 30 minute run?  How long will 4 mile run take me?  5?  6.5?  8?  9.5?  11?  12.5?  14?!  What’s my goal?  4 hours for a half-marathon?  Does that seem too aggressive?  Heck with it, I can’t wait to get started!

Moving on to some of the other parts of my life, the last couple of weeks have been full of fun and splashes in this household!  We’ve gone to the local splash pad several times, and had a blast with our little guy.  My mother came in to town for the holiday weekend, so we went to the playground, had some darn good barbecue, and last night had an absolutely divine Indian meal from a local restaurant.  Vegetable masala, lamb curry, naan…so delightfully yummy!!  We had a wonderful weekend, and I’m sorry that we’re going to have the work week begin tomorrow.  I love my weekends with my family!  On the other hand…at least I’ll get a run in.


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