Baby Steps


I have not been on a run since March. But I have been craving a good run so very very badly.  After consulting with my favorite running coach, Kyle Kranz, I decided to start back running in my Skora’s. Now y’all know that I broke my left foot 4 years ago, and I was really worried about running on that foot in such minimalist shoe.  However, I’ve been living in my Skora Bases, crocs, or barefoot for the last 4 months, and Kyle brought up a really great point.  I have already transitioned to a zero drop lifestyle, so to run in my Brooks, I would have to transition to a shoe with a higher heel height.  Why do that?  So I didn’t.  If you’re interested in transitioning to a zero drop shoe, Evelin Runs has a great article on it.
I have taken a few walks with my kids lately, wearing my Bases, slowly building up a solid (ha ha) base.  I decided to try out my Fits for my first run.  I will admit that I prefer my Bases over my Fits, as I feel like the Bases breathe better, & I often wear them without socks.  The Fits  (ha ha again) fit differently, in my opinion, and have less breathability.  Regardless, the awesome asymmetrical lacing gives me a snug feeling of support without any chafing or lace related discomfort.
So I fed the babies, got dressed in one of my running skirts, booted up the first adventure on the Zombies, Run! app, and started out.
I walked for about 5 minutes to warm up, then started very slowly running every 90 seconds for 30 seconds.  My running pace was about 16:10, while my walking pace was about 17:30.  Goes to show that I don’t run much faster than I walk!  My only problem (other than my phone crashing halfway through the adventure & having to be reatarted) was a neighbors dog.  He came racing out of his yard, snapping and growling, fur raised.  He then followed me for close to half a mile, barking with teeth bared.  Needless to say, I walked that half mile with my head on a swivel, shouting when he would creep up within a foot of me.  My heart rate stayed in the 140’s during that part of my workout!
Other than that portion of the run, it was great.  I totalled out at 2.3 miles in 40 minutes, slow but respectable.  It was just a bit of baby steps to start my running again…and the Fits were awesome.



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