Let’s Get Real

I pay far too much attention to social media.  I post pictures on Instagram, I look at Facebook about a hundred times a day, I read a ton of different blogs about other people’s lives.  And I’m lonely.
The ability to communicate with all these different people all over the world at any time gives me the illusion of social contact.  I have people that I’ve met through various pages and accounts that I find myself really caring about, and I have high hopes for one day meeting some of them in person.  But I’m lonely.
I handle the loneliness by focusing on my family, and by losing myself in running. Since fracturing my foot I haven’t been able to run, and I’m slowly sinking into the bog of bills, chores, and babies.  Most weekends my husband and I invite family over for cookouts, or just some social time, and it brings me back up for a while.  My babies are great, and I love them beyond all measure, but the conversation can be a bit lacking.  I miss adult people, and laughter, and eye contact.
What do you miss, now that we text instead of talk, Facebook instead of meeting up for coffee, board game night instead of online game night?  I feel like it’s time to get REAL.
Happy running, y’all.


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