It Was a Nice Plan

I had this brilliant idea that I was going to run 60 miles this month.  Consistent and relentless forward progress, right?  And then I went and rolled my ankle on Mother’s day.
I took the babies for a walk a few days ago, just a mile, and my ankle was still extremely painful afterwards.  So, I’m stuck in the pool for a bit longer.  I did run/walk laps in the pool yesterday, with absolutely no idea how far I went.  My GPS didn’t exactly read accurately.


I walked in circles. Can you tell?

I did laps for 35 minutes, and my legs were burning by the end.  You wouldn’t know it unless you tried it, but walking or running in water is hard!!  I’ll keep at it until my ankle feels like it’s strong enough to take back out on the roads, but I feel like a 20 or 30 mile month may be the best that I can do for the next month or so.  Boo!!
Happy running, y’all!


One response to “It Was a Nice Plan

  1. For runners ankle and knee injuries are just terrible. If possible switching to another form of exercise can help immensely. Unfortunately if you haven’t practiced the other form your muscles aren’t used to that and it feels like you’re at square one.

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