Sprain Pain


Day 1, post sprain

I am so sad.  I cannot run.  I am even having trouble walking right now, so I’m not even able to take the babes out for a slow stroll.  The pain is acceptable if I keep it wrapped, but the limp is making my gait all wonky.  Whine, whine, whimper, whimper.


Day 2, post sprain

I have been able to get in the pool for the last couple of days, and the cold water has been pretty helpful.  I wasn’t able to really swim yesterday, as H decided he wanted to get in as well.  Since he doesn’t know how to swim, I simply carted him around the shallow end of the pool on a kickboard.  He’s making great strides with his holding his head out of the water, and kicking.  I have got to get him in swim lessons!  He desperately wants to jump off of the diving board.
So I’m going to keep attempting to get in a swim each day, and keep working on my ankle flexibility and strength…and keep loving on all of my babies, big and small.
Happy running, y’all!


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