New Month, New Goals

April was an odd month.  We had a couple cases of flu, a couple of ear infections, continued with potty training a 3 year old, the death of one of our dogs, and running goals having actually been met.
One of the babies has wicked reflux, so he is strictly bottle fed a ridiculously expensive allergy free formula.  The other is an exclusively breastfed baby, with the exception of a couple of bottles (yoomi) on the one day a week that I work.  They have both started taking solids, and the boy is even starting to crawl.  Things are changing so fast!  As the weather continues to heat up, I’m hoping to spend more time out of doors with them, and continue being the best mom that I can be.
Being the best mom that I can be also means attempting to hold my temper better with my 3 year old.  Anyone who has ever dealt with a 3 year old knows how frustrating they can be, but I need to stop letting his boundary testing get the better of me.  He is such an amazing little boy, and I just want to enjoy my time with him, while he still wants to spend time with me.
Raising children can be really hard on a marriage, and then add multiples to the stress.  While our marriage and relationship is solid, we haven’t been on a date in over a year!  So that’s my goal for May, have a date night (or day), and make sure to have more intimate time together (be it hanging out by the pool after the kids are asleep, or even playing a board game).


Being silly with my love.

As for my running, I pushed hard and made it to 50 miles in April.  For May, I’m going to try for 60!  I have a Mother’s Day 5k trail race that I’m really looking forward to, and I got some awesome compression calf sleeves as an early gift.  I also have purchased an Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap that I really really hope is here before my race.  Why?  Because I hope to be dirty and sweaty as I cross the finish line.


Oooo...striped calf sleeves!


Throw in my Orange Mud handheld, and this is my race day outfit.

While I have come to really prefer my Skora Tempos above all other shoes, I’m going to hit the trail in my Fits. They have a little more ground feel to them, which I think will be helpful out there.  I also am continuing to love my Injinji socks, so I’ll be styling in the ultra lightweight version. If only I had a HydraQuiver, my gear obsession would be complete…for the moment.
So, early Happy Mother’s Day, and happy running y’all!


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