50 Miles in April = Done

So I’m sitting here in a bathtub full of cold water and ice, babying my legs after their most productive running month ever.


At 730 this morning, I put the twins in the stroller and set out to accomplish my goal for April.  I usually wear my Skora Tempos for most of runs, but I decided on the Fits today, as I’m planning to wear them to a 5k trail race next weekend.  The Fits are just a touch too small (an 8.5, and I should wear a 9 in them, as my toes sometimes bump the front on downhills), so I opted for the Injinji ultra lightweight socks instead of the original weight.  I had my favorite water bottle (Orange Mud) filled with iced blueberry tea, and an applesauce pouch in case I needed a little extra energy.  Off we set!
The first mile was a little slow, as we were dodging some traffic, and the babies weren’t too keen on bouncing over grass on the side of the road.  However, as we moved along we began to pick up a little speed.  My lap times aren’t the most fantastic, but they weren’t horrible either.  Mile 2 got a little faster, and at about 2.5 I ate the applesauce.  We started running for 2 minutes, walking for 1, allowing for mile 3 to be the fastest at 14:30.  We rolled back into our neighborhood, and finished the last .75 miles, taking us to 4.53 for the total run in 1:12:00.


I synced my watch, and saw that we had done it.  My babies and I ran 50.32 miles in the month of April.  Now I’m going to put on my early Mother’s Day gift of compression sleeves, and snuggle all 3 of my awesome babes.  Have a great weekend, and happy running y’all!



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