Getting So Close!


As you may know, I have a goal to hit 50 miles for the month of April.  It has been a strange and stressful month, what with the loss of one of our fur babies, two cases of infant flu, my babysitters having the flu and being unable (and unwelcome) to take care of the kiddos (which meant that I had to call out of work), and weird temperature fluctuations. Due to multiple trips to the pediatrician’s office, and a very long day with the vet, my running numbers took a hit.  I was really beginning to feel like a 35 or 40 mile month might be the best that I could do (which would still be awesome).
I started pushing myself a little harder, running just a little longer each run.  The mileage crept up slowly, and on April 25th I realized that I was less than 10 miles from reaching that goal!  So I decided to run a 5k for three runs to reach that 50, but then we had another doctors appointment…and I missed my run.  So, I decided to run 4.5 miles today as and way to break 9.28 miles in to two separate runs.
I got up early and fed a baby, made breakfast for H and myself, and decided to take H in the stroller for this run.  I pulled on a pair of running shorts (most of my running skirts are a touch too big, and I end up spending the first mile holding them up), my Injinji socks  (I have become a full on convert!), my top, watch, Road ID, my hat, and my Tempos.  After getting H settled in the stroller, making sure I had a couple of snacks and lots of water, we set out into the 80% humidity.  We ran slow intervals, I did some knee lifts,  and we enjoyed the scent of honeysuckle sitting heavy in the air.  We turned around at about 2 miles, H munching on a granola bar, and began to climb hills home.





We ran through the late Spring air, and began to hit the final stretch before heading home.  At 3.85 miles, H asked to go home, so I dropped him off with his daddy, and finished the run by adding another mile on. If my dear had not been home alone with all 3 kids, I may have turned it in to a 10k!!  Instead, I headed home at 5 miles and spent a few minutes stretching.
A couple of hours later, I was checking my mileage (4.21 miles and I’ve hit goal!),  and I realized that I had shaved a full minute and two seconds off of my best post-babies 5k time!!  I PR’D while pushing a 35 pound preschooler in a stroller.  How cool is that!?
Also, my feet haven’t bothered me at all, which they always did after a 5 miler in my old shoes.  Thank you, Skora!!
What kind of changes did today bring for you?  Happy running, y’all!


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