Could It Be?

As you know, I am a short distance and slow runner.  I average two to three miles on most of my runs, and my 5k time is pushing an hour.  But, I looked at mileage for this month and realized that a 50 mile month is not out of the realm of possibility!
As of today (April 25), I have run 37.39 miles for the month of April.  So if I run a 5k for the next four days, I may just squeak over the 50 mile mark.  Squee!!!


I know that for many runners, a fifty mile month would be considered a terrible month, but fore this is a huge deal.  When you realize that I started running again barely over a month that ago, you may realize that putting in so many miles (be they walking or running), it’s a big accomplishment.
So I am going to try to get the twins in the stroller earlier in the day, as to avoid the heat and humidity.  I am going to try to push myself a little harder to crank out a few more steps, adding up to a little bit more mileage.
Here’s to short term goals!!

Happy running, y’all!


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