I May Be a Convert

I have been running in Feetures ultra lightweight socks for about two years.  I have tried less expensive socks that I have purchased from a sporting goods store, but I always ended up with either blisters, or swamp foot.  I have loved my Feetures, but since I started running in my Skora Tempos I have noticed that my toes were feeling compressed.  So the super sweet Evelin sent me a couple pairs of Injinji toe socks, and I am amazed by how fantastic they felt.


I tried the Performance 2.0 original weight socks, and even with the temperature in the mid-70’s, and the humidity pretty high, they wicked sweat beautifully!  They didn’t rub, cause blisters, or make my feet feel funky.  I felt like my toes were able to spread, and my foot moved in a natural fashion.  I am very impressed with them, and I can’t wait to try them again!!
Happy running y’all!


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