Tempo-Tastic – A Shoe Review


So I was ecstatic to get my new Skora Tempos, and I was ecstatic to try them out.  I decided to give them ten outings before I let a full opinion form, and yesterday was run number ten.
1 – A little stiff, rubs over my achilles tendon.
2 – Oooo…cushioning!
3 – The rubbing formed a small blister on my right achilles, and a small callous appears to be forming on the left.
4 – I feel like I’ve lost some of the ground feel I had with my Fits, but still have a better feel than with my retired Brooks.
5 – The heel is softening and no longer rubbing!!
6 – They seem to get better each time out.
7 – A little regression with the rubbing.  😦
8 – Overall, they are becoming my favorite shoes.
9 – Excellent outing, feet feel great.
10 – I could have kept going, and going, and felt amazing.

Overall, I love them.  They provide a ton of cushion, my feet feel good after each run, and now that they are broken in they no longer rub at the heel.  It breathes like no other shoe I have ever felt, and running in hot and humid weather makes this a must.  I do feel like it’s lost some of the minimalist ground feel of the other Skora models, but is still an excellent shoe.
Thanks for the awesome shoes!!

Happy running y’all!


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