Runner Ranks


I am a large, slow, interval runner.  Some may call me a jogger, but I still consider myself to be a runner.  I average distances of 2 to 3 miles, my long runs are usually a 5k distance. I started running again, after a pregnancy, and period of confinement  (for lack of a better description).  Now, I run intervals 4 days a weeks, and walk the other 3, whilst I push either a 3 year old or twin 6 month olds in a stroller.  And because my “long runs” are relatively short, I’m treated differently.
Putting in base miles is vital when training for an event or race, as every runner knows.  However, due to my miles not being exceptionally long, when I ask questions from running groups and sites regarding nutrition…I’m told not to worry about it because I only run such short distances.  Here’s the thing…for me, a 5k is an endurance event.  My short-term goal is to run a 10k for a long run, and my short runs to average 3 to 4 miles.  That goal is treated with respect by people who have had similar goals, but those whose goals are a 50k treat it like a joke.  “Who needs a hydration belt for a 5k?  Aren’t they ridiculous carrying that?”  Until I started pushing the stroller, I carried either a hydration belt, or a handheld because I needed a place to store keys, chapstick, money, tissues, mace, or whatever else I felt necessary.  And long distance runners did and do make derisive comments about it.
In the world of running, distance and/or speed are what everyone strives for.  Those of us who run slowly, run intervals, and run short distances are often seen as a kind of joke amongst those who run fast or far.  Here’s my request: be respectful of those who run slower than you.  Be respectful of those who run short distances.  We are out there doing it because we are attempting to make it in to a new pace group, because we are attempting to go longer distances, because we love it.  And we’re the ones who make you look good.  Happy running, y’all.


My best month since August 2014


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