New Shoes, Happy Run


I’ve been trying to do the “run streak” type thing, although it’s really a walk streak. However, I spent all day Monday dealing with car stuff, and didn’t get a walk or run in.  So, oh shucks, I had to start over. I started again Tuesday.


On Tuesday, I took my sweet babies out for a 30 minute run, enjoying the fine weather we’re having. I listened to my classical music, remembering my time as a ballet dancer, and attempted to out run zombies.  They did okay in the new stroller, and stayed pretty chilled out. I enjoyed how easy they were to push in it!
Wednesday we had a great run, and I got to try out my new Skora Tempos. After one run, I haven’t finished forming an opinion, so I’ll “review” them next week.  In the mean time, happy running y’all!


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