Mediocrity and Me

I am one of those people who cannot stand mediocrity in my life.  If I do something, I give it my best.  So accepting that most of what I do is mediocre, at best, is hard for me.  “I know I only walked two miles, but at least I got out there” is a call of mediocrity in my opinion.  I feel like I use the phrase “I may have only (fill in the blank), but at least I  (corresponding fill in the blank)” a lot.
I understand that I’m currently dealing with six month old twins, and a little boy who is thoroughly entrenched in being a “threenager,” and they go to bed warm/fed/relatively happy.  Is that enough?  Do I need to lower my standards for what I expect from myself?  Or do I need to step it up with my kids, my marriage, and my running?
Happy running y’all.


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