5 K Run, With a Stroller


This morning, I woke up ready to move!!  So after breakfast, H and I ran sprints in the backyard (i.e. – I chased him around the yard), and decided that it was time to take a real run.  I loaded H up in his jogging stroller, set my interval timer for 30 seconds running/2:30 walking, and off we went.
H did an okay job enjoying the ride, watching squirrels and birds, and the clouds of pollen blow by. It was actually a beautiful and pleasant interlude, except for the pollen. Seriously, there were yellow clouds blowing down the street.  Ew.
I was listening to a Zombies, Run! supply mission, avoiding zombie attacks, running periodically, and just enjoying the day.  At two and a half miles, I only had to turn around and pick up H’s shoe once.  Amazing!  As we were passing our house, we saw H’s two favorite people in the driveway (Grandma and Grandpa).  I dropped him off with them, and finished the last half mile of my run.
My time wasn’t fantastic, but I was just so happy to be outside!  H was fabulous, and finally seems to be an age that he enjoys cruising with his mom.  Hope your Saturday fun was just as enjoyable.
Happy running, y’all!


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