Toes and Tots

I woke up, today, with two goals: take a shower, get a pedicure.  If you have children, you probably understand that getting a shower is a privilege, not a right. So, I managed to snag a quick shower while the babies were napping, which never happens, and it was glorious!!
After the babies woke from their short snooze, we played and snuggled, cooed and giggled, and I watched them get sleepy again. However, I made a rookie mistake and let them get too tired. So I lay my little boy down, and he starts wailing.  As he starts to quiet, I lay his sleeping sister down with him, and he screams in her face. As he begins to settle, she starts screaming in his face. Alright…Mommy’s done.
I tie on my Skora Fits, put the babies in their stroller, and walk out the door.  I decide that we are going for the slowest walk ever, and hope the slow and easy pace puts them to sleep. So we walked at a 20 to 25 minute per mile pace, just going slow and easy, while I listen to classical music and the Zombies, Run! app.  I find the downside to the free app, which is telling me it’s another 5 days before I can unlock the next episode (unless I upgrade to the $20/year premium membership). Grrrrrr.
So the twins and I walked for about an hour, and came home to find B had gotten off of work early. AND, he wanted me to take a break and go get my toes done. Best husband ever! So I left him with one sleeping baby, and one rested and playful, while I went had my feet pampered.  It was absolutely lovely.  Hope your day was as nice!
Happy running y’all!



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