Boobs and Bottles


As you may know, I have five month old twins.  They started life being breastfed, but my little boy developed some horrific reflux and had to be switched to a hypoallergenic formula.  The hunt for a bottle began…
We tried four different bottles before finding one that he took the best, but his sister was a different story.  She has been exclusively breastfed for most of her life, and finding a bottle for her has been a trying nightmare.  When Grandma and Grandpa were babysitting, and when I went back to work one day a week, she didn’t want to drink.  We tried five different bottles, with little success.  Part of the issue is that she drinks breastmilk, and it needs to be body temperature before she’ll take it.  I would get home from errands or work, to find her borderline hysterical, having only drunk a third to a half of her normal intake.  She has, eventually, started taking the Medela brand bottles relatively well, but still only drinks a portion of what she normally drinks.  Enter the yoomi self-warming bottle system.
yoomi has a very natural feel to it for the baby’s mouth, and it has a really cool self-warming feature.  It has this neat rechargeable pod that fits in the base of the nipple, and when activated it warms up.  As the baby latches and pulls the milk down, it travels along the warmer, bringing the milk to body temperature.  No hot water soaking, waiting for the milk to warm while the baby screams in your arms.  It takes seconds.  Seconds!!  It stays warm for about 75 minutes, so if your baby is a snacker (like mine), the milk remains warm without needing to be reheated.
It also works great for formula too.  We use the ready to feed formula for our little boy, which has to be refrigerated.  While he’ll take it at room temperature, he’ll refuse it if it’s cold.  Usually I’m pretty good at estimating when he’ll wake from his nap and want a bottle, so I can warm it in the bottle warmer, but there is always that one time when you’re wrong.  He started shrieking for his bottle, so we poured it in the yoomi, hit the button, and started feeding him.  At this point he started suckling on the new bottle, and just chugged his formula. Win!


So my formula fed baby loved it, and after a couple of sessions the EBF baby took it beautifully (it’s now her preferred bottle).  However, there are some cons.  They aren’t the least expensive bottles in the world, the pods can be tricky to charge the first few times (thank you yoomi YouTube channel for helping me troubleshoot), and if it’s your primary bottle you’ll need more than one warmer.  The warmer cannot be charged until it’s cool (about 75 minutes), and cannot be used until it’s cooled after charging.  For me, one is perfect, but for long day trips, road trips, or if you prefer the warming pod to a bottle warmer….one may not be enough.
Though my little girl prefers boobs to bottles, I’m so glad that we finally found a bottle that she’ll take, and I LOVE the self-warming feature.  My thoughts are that regardless of breast versus formula, fed is best.  And I feel like the yoomi is a great way to feed.
Happy running, y’all!




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