Running in My Dreams

Last night I had the most amazing dream.  I dreamt that I was running up a mountain.  It was beautiful.
You know that sensation in your dreams when you feel like you are running through molasses?  I did not have that at all.  I was running slowly, but it was actually close to my real running pace.  In my dream I never had to stop and walk, I just kept running my easy pace, slowly climbing this mountain.  There were woods, grassy areas, creeks…it was just amazing.  I felt so at peace, and sweetly comfortable shuffling along through the natural world.
And then my natural world started doing her 4 o’clock hunger cry, rousing me from sleep.  I was still in such a place of sweetness in my head that I feel like it nourished her as she gently nursed in the wee hours of morning.  She feel back asleep with a sleepy, milky smile and a soft sigh.  Though I never returned to my dream run in the 90 minutes before the alarm went off, I still see and feel that beautiful place in my soul.  One day, soon, I’ll be able to actually go out for a run.  It won’t be that easy, or that peaceful, but I am still really looking forward to it.
Happy running y’all.


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