Post Partum Depression and Running

As you know, I delivered two healthy babies back in October. They are utterly delightful, and have made our household more complete. I have been staying at home with them, and only working one day a week. Leaves me plenty of time to get out and run, right? Well….
I have been feeling more and more at odds with myself, less able to connect with my family, and even experiencing social anxiety. Say what? Me with social anxiety? Unable to feel comfortable talking to people?  What alternate universe have we stumbled in to?!
It wasn’t until I was sitting on the couch with the twins, and my husband walked in to find me sobbing hysterically that I began to realize what was really wrong. I am suffering from post partum depression, sometimes referred to as PPD.
I was able to talk to my doctor and get on Prozac, which has been a game changer for me.  Although I still am short-tempered, and often overwhelmed, I am better able to engage with my family.  I still haven’t been for a run in a long time, but I’m feeling a little better each day.  I know that exercise would help me continue on a healthier mental path, but actually getting the twins out is often difficult.  They nap at different times, one bottle feeds while the other breastfeeds, they alternate who is having a meltdown….it’s really hard, as rewarding as it may be.
So, expect more posts regarding getting back on the road to running, mental health, and about family.  It’s going to be a long road.
Happy running y’all!!


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