Rain, Reflux, and Running

I haven’t been on a run since the one last week.  I’m going slowly crazy with this need to run!  What’s stopping me, you ask?
Rain – Now I love running in the rain, but thunderstorms are a different story. We have had thunderstorms almost everyday for over a week. Also, the babies don’t much care for raindrops falling on their heads….or their heads bobbing all around because they don’t have much neck control yet.


Reflux – Mama’s with reflux babies know that this can take up an entire day to deal with. Even on medication, little J spends a good portion of his day back arching, tongue thrusting, and screaming. He’ll grow out of it eventually, but sitting back in his carseat seems to exacerbate it (and the stroller is one the car seats snap in to).


Running – I am aching for a run!  I have the need every day to go out and pubs the pavement, but life gets in the way. As the babies get older, and in to a routine, I have hopes of making it back out there more consistently. For now, I gotta dig out and dust off the Wii Fit.
Happy Running, y’all!

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