Looking Back, Looking Forward

As 2015 creeps closer to ending, I cannot help but look back over the past year.
My running was in a slump, and just as I started really enjoying it again, I got hit by wicked morning sickness and a twin pregnancy.  I got benched by my OB, and hung up my running shoes.
I was part in creating, nuturing, carrying, and delivering two awesome babies.  The pregnancy was hard, with gestational diabetes and precipitous labor, but they made it 36 weeks before entering this world.
My family and I moved to a new place, my son changed schools, and because daycare costs are so high we have dropped to a one income household.  Eek!!
My toddler, who is as awesome as he is difficult, continues to amaze me with his exuberance and love of life every single day.
The little baby I gave up for adoption has graduated high school, turned 18, and joined the Marines. I keep hoping that one day he will want to meet me, and will show up on my doorstep.   Maybe next year.
I took my Skora Fits out for their first run!  My feet and calves felt great afterwards,  and I have high hopes for being able to take them out again very soon.  I also have my fingers crossed that I can score a pair of Forms, Cores, or Tempos this year, and maybe the Orange Mud HydraQuiver and Transition & Seat Wrap.  With us being a one income household it’s highly unlikely, but a girl can dream, right?
My hopes for 2016 are pretty simple.  To be present with my family, instead of just being there.  Quality time!  To run with passion, to cross train like I should, and to get my bike tuned up and back on the road, to swim with joy.
And to get my toddler potty trained….
Happy running y’all!


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