Ready to Start Again…Kinda

Due to the circumstances of my pregnancy, mainly that it was twins, I was not really allowed to do much in the way of exercise.  I was encouraged to join a gym with a pool so that I might swim as much as possible, or to use/purchase an elliptical because it is a form of low impact exercise.  Due to money being an issue, neither of these were really an option…so I didn’t do much of anything.  Sadly, my body has become accustomed to being stationary, and my musculature is greatly diminished.  What are my options now?  To start over again.  So, that’s my new plan.

In preparation for making my (not so) grand re-entrance in to the world of exercise, I’ve consulted with a couple of my friends who happen to be personal trainers & gotten some advice on how to prep my body to start running again.  The advice mainly centers on yoga (know any good DVD’s or YouTube videos?), body weight training, and walking to try and build a solid base.  Now, if I could only figure out how to make the time for it!

I know that you must make time to exercise, versus finding time, but with a toddler and two new babies time is something I don’t have much of.  The babies just love to be on opposite schedules, especially at night, so I’m either feeding/burping/bouncing/consoling/changing one or the other for about 20 hours of the day.  Maybe it’s time to bust out the Wii Fit again, so I can exercise in the 10 minute intervals between baby needs.  Still, it would behoove me to get my gear out and ready, and perhaps just put it on to motivate myself.  The only downside to that?  Who makes a nursing sports bra?

Burp cloth, coffee, & Runner's World magazine.  My life!

Burp cloth, coffee, & Runner’s World magazine. My life!

This morning, I read my first Runner’s World Magazine in about a year.  They keep coming in, but I never take the time to look at them.  However, this morning I chose to read October & November 2015 instead of watching Netflix.  I need need need to figure out how to figure a workout in to that time period!  Any suggestions from someone who has multiples?

Alright friends, have fun and be safe.  Happy running, y’all!!

J enjoys his playmat

J enjoys his play mat.

It looks like J & K are telling secrets!

It looks like J & K are telling secrets!

Alright friends, have fun and be safe.  Happy running, y’all!!

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