Well, This Changes Things


Meet the two newest additions to our family.  I was fortunate enough to carry these two for just over 36 weeks, and though I was put on bed rest at 34 weeks for pre-term labor, my actual labor was only about eight hours.  My husband delivered both babies, 25 minutes apart, under my doctor’s supervision.  It was an utterly beautiful night, with an amazing pay off.  There was pain, tears, and blood, not unlike running a half-marathon.  Not only are they growing every minute, I’m also getting closer to being able to work out again!  I have not been able to exercise, other than a few swims here and there, in 27 weeks.  I need to get a good running stroller for twins, but then I am ready to start walking with them in a couple of weeks.  Squee!!
Happy running, y’all!


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