It’s Been A While

Good morning from Georgia!  I know that it has been several months since I last wrote anything down, but we’ve had some significant changes in our home.  My energy level started dropping in mid-February, and my runs were getting shorter, and further between.  I just wasn’t feeling well.  I tried changing my diet a bit, increasing my sleep time at night, but my energy was still really low.  I started feeling nauseated a lot of the time, my color was off, and I started losing weight.  Any guesses on what the diagnosis is?

It's a baby!!

It’s a baby!!

Yup.  I’m pregnant.  So the nausea lasted for another 8 weeks, and after pulling over to vomit on the side of the road I decided to let running go for a little while.  After the nausea finally subsided, I was still really dragging in the energy department.  I’d come home from work, get H to bed, and sometimes I’d eat dinner before passing out on the couch.  As my energy level finally came back up from the dregs of non-existent, I went to my OB and asked what I can do for belly support so I can start running again.  She looked me straight in the face, and started laughing.  Why the disheartening laughter?

Uh-huh.  It's twins.

Uh-huh. It’s twins.

That’s right.  Hubs and I are having not one, but two little babies come October.  After the shock (B’s face was hilarious during the ultrasound), there was terror and joy and excitement and not a small amount of fear bouncing around our home.  We’ve been talking to H about the babies, but as he’s only two and a half the reality hasn’t really set in.  He’s up for some big changes soon, and it’s going to be difficult on the little guy.  We hope to be moving to a different house in July, which means H will be changing schools, and soon after there will be two babies taking up all of Mommy’s time.  I’m just really hoping that my little love makes the transition well.

Trail runs are fun!

Trail runs are fun!

As for running, after being told I’m not allowed to, I decided to take a short quarter mile trail run with H and B last weekend while we were on a hike.  We had a good time, then I hoisted H up on my shoulders for some of the walk back, played around on the playground with him, and then headed on home.  On Sunday afternoon, my back started aching, and by Monday I went to work with some difficulty walking due to the discomfort.  I did what I always do and just pushed it away while I kept working, and by Thursday I was having some pretty severe back spasms.  So today I’m laid out on the couch, ice pack on my back, dog on feet, and two little babies kicking around in my belly.  I’m also very very aware that I will not be running for many more months, and that makes me very sad.  However, I’m hoping to have some pool access pretty soon, which means I can do water running.  I can’t wait!!

Wish me luck, and happy running y’all!


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