I Had to Click My Heels 3 Times to Get Home

So we celebrated H’s second birthday this morning, with a fun-filled family breakfast at IHOP.  B, H, and I met up with Grandmama, Grandpapa, Aunt E, and H’s cousins B and F at 830 in the morning.  We played, opened a couple of presents, watched H eat himself into a meat coma (5 sausage links, 1 bacon strip, and 3 bites of scrambled eggs), ate too much, and enjoyed each other’s company.  After H had decided that he had eaten enough, he reached for me and said “home,” while snuggling into my neck.  Those moments are so few and far between, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it when he does that.  Melts a mommy’s heart, every time!!

So we all say our goodbyes, and H gets an extra couple of sweet kisses from his grandpa, and then we set off towards home.  B and I are talking some form of nonsense in the front, while H is being quiet in the back.  A little too quiet.  I turn around to check on him, and that little booger had passed out.  He had fallen asleep an hour before his nap time!!  Crud.  If you have kids, you know exactly what I’m on about.

We get home, and I run inside to let the dogs out, and get H’s room ready for nap time.  B brings him in, we take his jacket and shoes off, and also notice that his pants are wet.  So we change his diaper, leaving the pants off, and let the little monkey get some quality rest.

Though I’m stuffed from breakfast, I decide that I’m going for a quick run while H is napping.  I didn’t go yesterday because I was just having so much fun with my boys, I couldn’t tear myself away.  Today?  Sleeping kiddo and video watching husband.  Today’s good.  🙂

Now it is a chilly, very windy day down here in Northeast Georgia when I decide to slip into my capri/skirt, short-sleeved running t-shirt and head out.  Though my friends from the Northeast United States will laugh hysterically at my idea of what chilly weather is…this is Georgia!!!

Temp Collage

The temperature is a chilly 44 degrees, with a wind advisory because there are 20 mile an hour gusts. So it actually feels like 35 degrees. Brrrr.

As I pull in to the park where I’ll be running laps (sigh), I’m feeling the wind really push against my car.  I’m in a t-shirt, and capri pants.  This is going to be an interesting run.

So I pull on my cheap cotton gloves, get my Nike+ app on my phone started, boot up Slacker Radio, and walk about 5 minutes.  I realize that I’ve left my GymBoss in the car, so I’m just picking out landmarks for intervals.  Slacker was giving me a good mix today, so I’m grooving along and just kind of pounding away, tears streaming down my face because of the biting wind blowing directly in to my eyes, and still enjoying myself.  I’m watching the wind blow the tall grass all but flat, the magnolia trees stand with nary a leaf blowing away, three adorable black dogs playing together in a makeshift dog park, and four other people walking laps all bundled from head to foot.  And I’m getting some stares from the walkers, as I pass, for my apparent state of near undress.

As I had planned to have a short run, my pace is a bit quicker (for me) than normal.  I’m running about 14:26/mile, and am running in my boring circles.  But the wind!  It’s making the grass and trees dance, the leaves are rippling across the ground in a nimble ballet, the clouds are rushing by as though late for an appointment.  It’s just beautiful.  And at times I’m afraid I’m gonna end up in Oz, so I’m ready to click my heels to get home, should I need to.  I hit two miles, and then catch a video of a naked tree twisting in the wind, with the sound vaguely reminiscent of an aircraft starting it’s engines.  Sadly, I cannot upload the video.  Here are some other pics, instead.  🙂


I really wish that you could really see the way the wind is bending and curving the tall grass. It’s just beautiful.

Superhero pose!

Superhero pose!  With my Orange Mud bottle as my trusty sidekick?

2015-01-24 12.08.37

Lastly, I tried something new last night!  A green smoothie.  It’s leafy greens, fruits (veggies too if you wish), and liquid.  So I made a “chocolate covered cherry” green smoothie.  Two cups of salad greens and parsley, bananas, cherries, coconut milk, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and a splash of vanilla.  It’s actually quite yummy, though I’ve got some tweaks in mind for the next time I make it.  If you’re interested in trying out a green smoothie, try out the Simple Green Smoothie website for some good recipes.  They aren’t difficult, and though they have more fruit than I was originally looking for, I figure they are a good beginning for someone like me.

It's actually quite tasty.

It’s actually quite tasty.

Happy running y’all!!


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