Speaking of Gear….

Ask any runner, and they’ll tell you how much they love getting new running gear.  Be it shoes, clothes, hydration supplies, it’s fun to try out new gear.  For Christmas, I asked for a few new things in order to make winter running a little easier.  I love love love my running skirts, but I didn’t have any for cooler weather.  Isn’t that terribly sad?  Awwww.  Luckily, my favorite online skirt store, Skirt Sports, is having a clearance sale!  Woot woot!!  So I snatched up two new skirts, one capri and one full length pant.  They are just so pretty.  And as every woman knows, what you wear can sometimes really change how you feel.  My first two runs of the year were in my new skirts, and they were both fabulous.

Though the back comes up a little high, I still have boody coverage.

Though the back comes up a little high, I still have booty coverage.

I just feel so sassy wearing this.  :-)

I just feel so sassy wearing this. 🙂

I also got my Orange Mud hand held in, and I really like it.  It’s the first hand held that I not only can stand, but actually want to use again.  Though I prefer to use my fuel belt so that I can be hands free, I really like not having all that extra gear to deal with.  I threw my car keys in the neoprene pocket, along with a lip balm, attached my pepper spray the base, and I was ready to go.  Sweet.

This came today!

This came today!

Orange is only one of the color choices, but I like the increased visability.

Orange is only one of the color choices, but I like the increased visability.

My first hand held that I look forward to using again!

My first hand held that I look forward to using again!

Now, as you have probably figured out, I’m quite pudgy.  I’m also one of those chubby women with broad shoulders, and somewhat large breasts, so this can cause problems when I’m looking at anything that may have to strap across my body.  Though I’m not ready to make any kind of purchase just yet, I’m scouting out some hydration options for upcoming longer runs.  As I said, I really like my fuel belt, but I can only carry about 20 ounces of water or sports drink.  So I’m deciding between getting a Camelback, or one of the Orange Mud Hydration packs.  They have the HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2, and the HydraQuiver Double Barrel.  I like that with either of them, you have two bottles.  This means you can put water in one and some a sports drink in the other, and you don’t have to worry about the fluid getting grossly warm in the tube between drinks.  Anyway, I contacted the company looking for advice on a better fit for my body shape.  Not only did they send me an email, but they called me to discuss better fit options for me.  The also have a killer return policy, and all products are made in the U.S.A.  Umm, awesome much?  Add to that, they sent me a 15% off discount code that’s good until mid-January.  Since I don’t foresee myself talking my husband into letting me buy any more gear until Mother’s Day, I’ll share the code with you: TKYOUFROMMUD

As for my running, it’s been good.  On the first day of the year, I went out for a 4 miler.  This is the furthest that I’ve gone since my half-marathon, back in October.  I usually stick to 3 1/2 miles, and I haven’t really been enjoying my runs recently.  Between illness, injury, and some general apathy to running…it’s been kind of crappy.  So the first 2 miles of this run, I was still kind of grumbling in my head.  “I don’t want to do this.  Why am I doing this?!  I could be home with my husband and my kiddo, relaxing on the couch!”  Then I hit 2 miles, and it was like flipping a light switch.  My stance changed, my pace changed, my mind changed.  I was going to kick the ass of this run!  And I did.  I shaved 33 seconds off of my previous 5k PR.  33 seconds!!  That’s huge, even if doesn’t seem that way to most.

Tonight, I decided to go out for a 5 mile run.  I’m driving to my usual starting place, and it starts pouring rain.  One thing I don’t have is a good rain jacket, for either everyday or running.  Well…poo!!  So I sit in my car, getting my little bit of gear together, pulling on my running shoes, and waiting to see if the rain is going to slack off.  About 10 minutes later, there was just a sprinkle coming down.  Time get out and get started.  So I start my walking warm up, swing by a toilet for a pre-run pee (TMI, I know), and then get in my running mindset.  Just as I’m getting started, I see one of the midwives that I work with, and we wave madly at each other.  I figured this was a good sign for my run, until I ended up wading across a puddle that I was attempting to avoid.  :-/  Oh well, it’s just water.

It’s about 50 degrees and still sprinkling, and I am loving it.  I just keep pounding down the sidewalk, carefully avoiding cars and puddles, and just enjoying myself.  I get to the point where I was planning to turn around, and just keep going.  I have decided of run to a church and turn around, until I come to a lake.  In the middle of the road.  Instead of dodging passing and oncoming cars, I just go ahead and turn around and head back.  As I get close to where I’m parked, I’m still about about a quarter of a mile short of 5 miles.  So I run laps through the parking lot until I hit 5 miles, grab a fence post for balance, and stretch.  It was a fabulous run.

So how ’bout y’all?  Get any cool or fun gear for the holidays?  Happy running y’all!


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