Illnesses, Thanksgiving, Injuries, A Funeral, & Christmas. What Am I Forgetting?

It has been so long since I’ve had time to sit down at the computer and write.  My emotions have been running rampant, but my running?  Not so much.  We’ll start at the “beginning.”

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Illness #1 of 4. *sigh* Borrowed from

About a week before Thanksgiving I started feeling off.  My throat hurt, I had a mid-grade fever, and just felt off.  Went to an Urgent Care on Saturday, and was diagnosed with strep throat.  So that was my weekend, and Monday before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving – My favorite holiday!!  This year, however, it was a little trying.  We didn’t have any big plans for Thanksgiving, just a little family dinner, including my in-laws and my mom.  I roasted a chicken, made some brussel sprouts with bacon and almonds, yams, green beans, and my mother-in-law brought macaroni and cheese, and a pecan pie for dessert.  H had been a little fussy all day, and wasn’t all that interested in eating, but wasn’t showing obvious signs of being ill.  The next day he was increasingly fussy, taking a short nap while I took a 3 1/2 mile run.  And then he started having diarrhea, and we understood why he was so fussy.  Belly ache!  We just kept him hydrated and as happy as we could, and he stayed behind with B while my mother and I met up with my brother for a belated Thanksgiving meal.  OMG.  Freaking amazing food!  A milk stout beer in an icy chocolate and espresso ground rimmed glass, raw oysters on the half shell, this incredible wild mushroom soup topped with truffle oil, a lovely Shiraz wine, this spicy seafood and pasta type deal, creme brulee, and a good dark coffee.  The three of us took up the table for a solid 2 1/2 hours, but it was a fun and amazing meal.  On the way home, my belly was churning a bit; but between Thanksgiving dinners 1 and 2, I’d had a lot of very rich food!  I woke up at 6 when H started talking, and promptly was incredibly ill.  So B is taking care of a poopy baby, and I’m curled up fetal with a bucket at my side.  B is feeling well, but my mom chose to get the Hell out of Dodge while she was still feeling well.  Smart lady.  I ended up sleeping most of the day, periodically getting ill, but feeling better little by little.  At about 11 that evening, I awoke to the sound of my husband getting violently ill.  So while he is getting sicker, H and I are getting better.  We take care of B on Saturday, letting him rest as much as he needs, and staying away from him as much as possible.  Finally on Sunday, other than the occasional icky poop from H, we all appear to be healing up.  YAY!  And then I wake at 2 in the morning on Monday, ill again.  H went to daycare, B went to work, & I spent the day between the couch and the bathroom.  I was better by Tuesday, though not 100%, and back to work.

H has knee pain.  :-( Borrowed from

H has knee pain. 😦
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Thursday afternoon I get a call from H’s daycare.  He won’t walk.  Now you must understand that H is an incredibly active child, who lives with the idea of “why walk when you can run,” so him refusing to bear weight on one of his legs is a cruddy way to end a week.  I take him to an orthopedist, and after xrays and bloodwork (oh the horror!) H is diagnosed with synovitis in his left knee joint.  Basically, he had some inflammation in the fluid in his knee joint, making it incredibly painful to walk.  Ibuprofen every 6 to 8 hours, fluid, and understanding were prescribed.  The next day I learn the child of a friend is getting a liver transplant, so I realize that what we’re dealing with in my house is really not so bad!  And I praise God with thanks.  Moving on, H started “cruising” (holding onto surfaces while walking) on Saturday, with him actually taking steps late in the day.  By Sunday, after his ibuprofen had a chance to kick in, he was walking much better, and by Monday was well on the mend.  It was a solid week later before his limp was completely gone, but he appears to bear no ill effects.  Hallelujah!!

I didn’t actually run again until December 14th.  Between all the illnesses, and subsequent emotional and physical exhaustion, I suppose it’s not terribly surprising.  Regardless, that first run back felt so good.  Running is a type of therapy for me.  A time to deal with aggression, anger, sadness, disappointment, and just feel it all drip away.  So JC and I went for a 3 1/2 mile run, taking one of my favored routes.  She walks significantly faster than I do, but we run a pretty even pace, so I tend to have faster run times when we’re together.  Sweet.  So we started off, talking the whole time, and going over what we had been doing for the last few weeks.  I told her about forgetting my wedding anniversary amidst all that had happened, she told me her parents forget theirs every year!  We made pretty good time on our run, and my muscles feel so much better after our workout, as does my brain and my emotions.

December 17th – One of our friends has her baby!  A little girl, bright and sweet.  B and I belatedly celebrate our anniversary with dinner, and seeing “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” on opening night.  (I like it, but I’m irritated with a few things, by the way)  On the way home, I stop to pick up a quick dinner.  While I’m waiting, I check Facebook, and I learn that the young man who had the liver transplant has passed away.  It was 3 days before his 18th birthday.  A new life, a young death, celebration, sadness.

Welcome to the world HWN!! Borrowed from

Welcome to the world HWN!!
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The world is a sadder place without you, AS.  You'll be missed. Borrowed from

The world is a sadder place without you, AS. You’ll be missed.
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The Sunday following the funeral was my next run.  I had planned a 5 miler, but I forgot to update my route based on where I had parked.  So I ended up only going a bit over 3 1/2, and really regretted that I didn’t go further.  At least I got out there, right?  🙂

I made a promise to myself to try and get out to run at least 1 mile, 3 times a week, no excuses.  I’m happy to say that I have been able to keep that promise to myself for the moment, if barely.  I went out on Christmas Eve, all gung ho!  In my exuberance, I forgot a simple bit of planning that lead to me having to cut my run much shorter than I was intending.  I made it a mile and a half.  Well, at least it was a mile!

Merry Christmas! Borrowed from

Merry Christmas!
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Christmas – It was a good Christmas celebration in our household.  No one went overboard with gifts, we spent a lot of quality time together, and had a large family meal with extended family.  H was the life of the party, running circles through the house, hugging everyone, and just being a sweetheart.  It was really good.

I ran again today, with plans of going about 3 miles, maybe more if I felt good.  At 1.3 miles, my back seized up.  It seized so badly that I was barely able to walk back to my car.  So, it looks like I may have to give it a bit of a rest, and invest in a good massage therapist for my back, and right hip and glutes.

As for the Christmas gift carnage, I (of course) asked for a ton of running gear.  What’s the damage?  One running skirt with capri tights underneath, one running skirt with long tights underneath, one long-sleeved running shirt, a towel that stays cool for hot runs, and I’m about to order an Orange Mud handheld bottle.  I’m not usually a fan of handhelds, I prefer my fuel belt, but it is so highly recommended by one of my running peeps.  His issues with handhelds mirror mine, and he just loves this particular brand, stating it doesn’t feel as though you’re actually carrying anything.  So I’m putting in my order tomorrow!  And, if you’re interested in either his review of it, or getting a handheld or any other OM product (15% off with code OM2014X72T through 12/31/14), check these links!

I Want This!!!

I Want This!!!

So now you may understand why it has taken me so long to blog again.  I’m so sorry that this one is so long, but it has been a really weird month.  Thanksgiving, illnesses, injuries, saying hello to a new baby girl, saying goodbye to a sweet young man, Christmas…and of course deciding what my resolutions are for next year.  I already know I’m going to run the AthHalf 2015, with a time of 3:30 or better, but what else?  Any thoughts?

Yeah...December's not looking so good for running, is it?

Yeah…December’s not looking so good for running, is it?

Happy running y’all!

From my half-marathon - Happy Running!

From my half-marathon – Happy Running!


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