Knowing Where I Stand

C, JC, and I took a cold and slightly bitter 3.5 mile run this morning.  We met up at 8, and headed through the main tailgating areas around Athens.  We chatted about H and B, JC’s & C’s respective family’s, work, running, recovery, nutrition, weight loss, physical therapy, etc etc etc.  It was a nice run, and made me realize that it would be preferential for me to use some of our savings to get some good cold weather running gear.  That’ll be a fun conversation with B.  🙂

Now for the real story behind today’s title!  It’s about 11, and I’m pulling in at home, having left at 740 this morning.

B:  Hey H, who’s here?

H: Un-Paw! (Uncle P)

B: Noooo.  Who’s here?

H: Papa!  (Grandpapa)

B:  Noooo.  Who’s here?

H: (silence)

B:  Mommy!

H:  Mommy!  …  Un-Paw?

Well, now I know where I stand. Happy running y’all.


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