Keep On Moving

I thought that J and I were supposed to run on Tuesday, but there was a scheduling muck up.  Awww…she and I haven’t run together in SOOOO long!  I also wasn’t feeling my best, so after I learned that we weren’t going together I just headed home.
On Wednesday I took my running gear with me, and invited one of my coworkers to go with me.  It turned out that she had an appointment at 6, so we decided to run to her appointment right after work! We walked longer warm up than I normally do, but my muscles were feeling so tight! We made it to her appointment on time, and I ran back to work. It wasn’t a great run for me, as my left calf stayed tight the whole time, but I just kept on moving.
For the moment, I have plans to run between five and eight miles tomorrow with C and JC.  I’m hoping a good soak and stretch session tonight will allow me to loosen up some more before tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!!
As for goals, the Facebook page “I ❤ Running" has challenges like "100 Miles in November." I'm averaging about 40 miles a month, so I have some work to do before I could be confident that I would finish that challenge. So that's my current goal! Work towards finishing 100 miles in a month, injury free. What's your goal?
Happy running, y'all!



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