Should I Hire a Running Coach?

I ran three times this week.  Yay!  3.5, 3.5, & at least 4.5 today, but my GPS on my phone went all out on the fritz.  While I’m a bit on the frustrated side because I don’t know what my mileage for the week is, it’s really not vitally important.  What is important?  What I have learned?  I have learned that the reason why my water bottles started tasting weird towards the end of my half marathon is because I had some rather icky muscle breakdown, and was basically excreting ammonia all over the bottles.  Ew!  Basically, I didn’t have enough carbs in my system, so when I ran out of carbs and sugar, my body started breaking down protein for fuel.  That would have been my muscle tissue.  Ammonia is the by-product, and you sweat it out.  Ew, again.

It’s taken me a little over two weeks to get all of the ammonia out of my system, and finally my socks are no longer smelling of cat pee.  I’ve eaten a fair amount of carbs, and I have been drinking primarily water to finish flushing it all out, as was recommended by a friend who’s a midlevel provider.  I’ve been feeling well enough to get up an run again, as is so brutally important to me.

Here’s the question, though.  Would having  a running coach have helped me avoid such a situation?  Should I pinch pennies elsewhere and hire the dear Kyle Kranz?  He just wrote a beautiful article/blog on what it means to be a running coach, part of which is holding back your athlete when they aren’t able to hold themselves back.  Having someone to help me manage my nutrition, staying on top of me about getting my running done (regardless of what excuse I come up with), and being my cheering section over the small victories?  Though it’s not likely to happen any time soon, a girl can dream.  It’s right up there with more ink, more piercings, moving back to the mountains, being able to garden without killing everything, buying and moving in to a tiny house, more running gear, new running shoes, the NY Marathon, PA school for me, losing 75 pounds, and the ability to give my son(s) and any future children the best future humanly possible.  Dreams, my dearies, dreams and wishes.

Happy Running Y’all.


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