Blood Stains & Blisters

I love my new running shoes.  They have carried me longer distances than any before, and I plan on wearing them at my upcoming race.


The Shoes, When They Were Still In The Box

They have ONE thing that I can fault them on.  Blisters.  And really, just one blister!


My Left Heel, Consistently

My left heel will consistently blister.  I have tried bandaids, blister blockers, and I am going to try callus cushions tomorrow.  The bandaids and blister blockers shift away and allow more rubbing.  I am tying my shoes in a runner’s lock, but to no avail.  Shucks.
This past weekend I ran/walked 10 miles on Saturday, and my blister blocker decided to disappear at mile 2.  Eight miles later, the back of my sock has a streaky coating of blood.  Ew.


Doesn't Look Like Much, Does It?

While it appears fairly innocuous, it is highly uncomfortable.  My socks rub it, I bump things with it, and then there’s the whole water issue.  My bath on Saturday led to some seriously ugly words being swallowed (so that H wouldn’t hear them, and then repeat them).  I’ve been informed that this discomfort will be necessary until a callus forms.  Um, boo?
So I’ll keep trying new things to try and keep another blister from forming.  Happy running y’all!!


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