A Distance PR!!

I spent yesterday evening getting prepared for my Saturday morning long run.  Getting my fuel belt ready, laying my running gear out, packing my running bag with a towel and extra socks, et cetera.  I set my alarm for 545, drank 2 bottles of water, and toddled off to bed around 10 o’clock.  545 came, then went, as I told myself that 10 more minutes didn’t really matter.  I slept until about 615, which was only about 10 minutes before I needed to leave.  So I staggered into the bathroom, changed into my running gear, grabbed my Powerade from the fridge, grabbed my breakfast of kefir from the fridge, grabbed my bags, and headed out the door before H or B were awake.
I drank my kefir and a portion of my coffee on the drive, but I just wasn’t feeling motivated.  Judging by my decreased level of energy, my sinus drainage, and my certain level of poor appetite, it was going to be a tough (if not downright cruddy) run.
I pulled in to the Hendershots parking lot, and there are about 30 runners revved up and ready to go!  My turtle group was nowhere to be seen, though.  So I pull on my running shoes, pull my hair up into a pony tail, pull on my visor, strap on my GPS watch and my Road ID, and get ready to do my run on my own.  C pulls in just as the big group is setting off, and I notice another one of the turtle runners on the sidewalk!  Yay!  Two more runners for the long run today!  One of them is S, who is a fairly new runner who hasn’t gone over 5 miles before, so I was a bit concerned about the planned 10 miler being too much for her.  As we three started off, she mentions that she’s only doing 2 miles, as she is recovering from a pretty bad sunburn, so my concern was for naught.  A little less than a mile in, she peels off to finish her run alone, and C and I continue forward.  I’m highly irritated with my GPS watch at this point, as it won’t link up.  I end up getting stuck starting my GPS app on my phone, a half mile having already been eaten up by our run.  Boo!!
We spend the next few miles running intervals, and walking the last 6.  C has concern for my legs and feet holding up for long distances, as well as she is running a half-marathon tomorrow, so the slower pace suited both situations.  We spend lots of time talking racing, nutrition, race fuel, the ability to train without injury, family, animals, houses, careers, and I finally learn what a race sweeper is.
Mile 5 means a stop to refill our water bottles, and we debate turning back and cutting our route about 2 miles short, or continuing on.  Despite the 90 degree heat, and the 1,000% humidity, we keep going at a pretty good pace.  We’re both drenched with sweat by the time we make out back to our cars, and my hands and arms didn’t stop producing sweat for about 30 minutes after we had stopped.  At least I was well hydrated!
As we walk back to the starting point, almost as we walk up to it, C announces “That’s 10 miles.”  That was 10 miles?!  I’m torn between feeling like it was 1 or 100.  Between the Powerade, the beef jerky, and the peanut butter crackers, I was relatively good in the energy department during our run, but now I was ready to sit down!  I didn’t even have the energy to pull on my compression socks when I got back to my car.  Not to mention my hands were so swollen that I couldn’t make a fist, and I even had trouble operating my phone!
After running a quick errand, I got home to a very sleepy boy, and got some serious snuggles from him.  I put H down for a nap, and all but crawled in to an Epsom salt bath.  I soaked, drank another bottle of water, and scrubbed a significant amount of dirt and sweat from my skin.  I then massaged some tiger balm into my feet, pulled on the compression socks, ate a little lunch, and stretched out for a nap.
It’s now about 830 at night, and I’m chilled out on the couch watching one of my all-time favorite shows (Firefly), and thinking back to the run/walk from this morning.  A couple of important things gleaned from C: play with your fuel and learn what works for you (because if you’re walking, running, or doing a combo, you need fuel not just water), start slowly so you can finish, just because you do intervals doesn’t mean that you aren’t a real runner.
I am a runner.  I am a runner who PR’d a distance of 10 miles.  Happy running y’all!!


Compression socks = love


Our splits, some better than others


Our 10-mile run!


The weather for our run. I may have over-dramatized the humidity.

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