3 Exhausting Miles


After picking up my awesome swag bag (on Wednesday), I went out for a run.  I decided to stay close to the side of town where I picked up my goodies, so I parked at a local sporting goods store and headed out.  I walked a few minutes, then started my intervals.
I used to live nearby the store, so I was familiar with the area.  I ran to a neighborhood and ran a big loop through it.  I kept waiting to loosen up, but the whole run was a struggle.  It was hot, humid, and after being on my feet at work all day I was worn out.  Regardless, I ran all of my intervals and even did some sprints to mix it up.  2.92 miles later, I am coming back to the parking lot.  Since I’m a little crazy, I couldn’t stop at 2.92.  I walked the parking lot until I hit three miles.  Then I made a fool of myself while stretching in the parking lot.  🙂
One really cool thing I did was use a new app on my phone.  The Road ID app allows you to text someone and let them know you are going for a run.  If you pause for 5 minutes, it sends an alert that you have to clear, or it sends a message to your person that you’re in trouble.  According to my husband, he could periodically check my progress during the run too.  How cool is that!?
So my run was slow, hot, and uninspiring.  But I did it!  Three hot, steamy, exhausting miles down, one long run of 10 miles tomorrow!  Wish me luck, and happy running y’all!!


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