Back In My Mountains

I spent a few years living in Asheville, North Carolina.  I LOVED it in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I got transferred to Anderson, South Carolina, by work.  Now Anderson is a nice enough town, but after living in the mountains….it was a difficult transition.  Then I met my beloved husband and moved to Georgia to be with him.  My heart still lives in the blue and green hills and mountains.
I’m visiting my favorite woman on Earth, my mother, this weekend.  She still lives up in the hills, so a visit with her brings a certain peace that cannot be acquired anywhere else. I love it up here.

“My heart is in the Blue Ridge
High upon a hill,
Down in a lonesome valley,
In the song of the Whippoorwill.

My heart is in the Blue Ridge
In Fall’s rainbow of leaves,
In a field of wildwood flowers,
In the dance of the honey bees.

My heart is in the Blue Ridge,
When clouds come marching in,
In the smoke curls of a campfire,
In the anthems of the wind.

From azure skies to fireflies,
To treasures of the snow,
My heart is in the Blue Ridge,
It’s my heaven here below.”
– By Larry G. Aaron © 1989

While this little poem may not “say it all,” it does speak a great deal about my love of these Smokey mountains.

While visiting ma mere, I’m looking forward to my run tomorrow morning. My plan is to get up at 6, and try to pound out a 10k before breakfast. Wish me luck! Although the cool mountain air may weave it’s spell and allow me a bit more time in Morpheus’ grasp.


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