I always thought that 24 month molars would come in at 24 months.  I was wrong.  H has his coming in at 18 months.  Misconception #1!



I always thought a clinic full of midwives would be knowledgeable, kind, caring, perhaps a little cynical.  I was right!  And some of them have mouths and minds that would frighten a sailor!  We had dinner on Thursday to say goodbye to a co-worker, and it was the first time that I’ve met up with any of my new co-workers in a non-work environment.  They were hilarious!  My new boss appears quiet, put together, and possibly a bit shy.  Misconception #2!  She has been a midwife for a number of years, so put together is right, but quiet or shy was wrong!  She was zinging out the one-liners, some raunchy, and causing all of us to hiccup with laughter.  It was lovely.  And so was the dirty vodka martini (or 2) I indulged in!

I love a dirty vodka martini!

I love a dirty vodka martini!

Dessert = Fried Oreos...on Lettuce?

Dessert = Fried Oreos…on Lettuce?

So after a fun filled Thursday evening, and 45 minutes wandering downtown waiting to feel ready to drive (no buzz or tipsiness, but after more than 2 years without much alcohol I felt it was best to just be safe), Friday came very early.  B and I had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off together, so we made big plans to do absolutely nothing but enjoy our son.  So on Friday we had a great time running around the yard, meeting up with a friend and her 18 month old daughter for lunch (H had so much fun on the Chic-Fil-A playground!), and attempting to convince H that he did indeed need to nap longer than 15 minutes.  Refer back to Misconception #1, as part of Friday involved trying to get H to stop crying and start eating, but his teeth were hurting him so much.  😦

Saturday began at 6 o’clock in the morning, hazy, foggy, and dreary.  I pulled on my running gear, filled my water bottles, grabbed some mini peanut butter crackers for a snack on the run, and made myself a half peanut butter and honey sandwich.  I kissed my boys goodbye, got in the car, and headed on to meet up with my Saturday morning running group.  Misconception #3, a group involves more than two people.  C and I were the only ones from the turtle running group to show up, but her personality is so incredibly HUGE that it was like being in a full on group of six.  She’s awesome like that.  🙂  Anyway, we had plans to go 8 miles, but her sinuses were bothering her quite severely, so we decided to walk.  We walked 7.1 miles.  And talked 7.1 miles.  Our time wasn’t bad, and other than my hands being hugely swollen, I felt perfectly fine.  Oh yeah, I have a pretty gnarly blister too.

Uh huh, uh huh, we rock!

Uh huh, uh huh, we rock!

image See? Gnarly.[/caption]

After getting home and taking a nice long epsom salt soak, I surprised H.  He was so cutely sitting in his high chair eating lunch, and I snuck up behind him.  When I peeked around him and let him see me, he gave me the biggest smile.  Makes a mommy melt!

When H was done with his lunch, we went outside to play.  Other than making him mad by keeping him away from fire ant piles, he had a great time!  He played his own version of hide and seek (mostly just pulling leaves from bushes over his face), and chased the dogs relentlessly.  Having  an 18 month old can be amazing, rewarding, difficult, frustrating, and so much fun!!

H plays hide and seek with Leigh.

H plays hide and seek with Leigh.

You can't see me!

You can’t see me!

I'm invisible!

I’m invisible!

Sunday started off well for me.  B took H, and let me sleep in.  I actually stayed in bed until 8:15 this morning!  Unheard of for me!!  Best husband award goes to mine.  🙂    Moving on, we had another good morning of hardcore play, and H went down for a solid 2 hour nap.  I thought still taking two naps a day was normal at his age, but I have been made aware that I was wrong.  Misconception #4!!  Apparently it is normal for toddlers to take one long nap a day.  Oops.  So we’ve been working with H to stay awake a bit longer in the mornings so that he’ll take a long mid-day nap.  Today we were successful.  After nap and lunch, we headed to his uncle and aunt’s house for his first real pool session.  He was not terribly fond of the life vest, but when Aunt JO and B took the vest off and toted him around the pool…ecstasy!!  He thought that splashing and kicking were some of the coolest movements ever!!  He was in the pool a little over an hour, and out came an exhausted boy.  He was thirsty, trembling (not shivering, but trembling), hungry, and so very very tired.  We gave him a hearty dinner, a helping of apple juice, a bath, and then to bed.

B and H swim!

B and H swim!

As you can see, it was a full weekend.  Between all the play, the 7 loads of laundry, dishes, scrubbing down the bathroom, and playing some more?  We are completely wiped out!  I think it’s time for me to toddle off to bed, and possibly drag a husband with me.  He’s celebrating his great weekend with Minecraft.  Misconception #5?  Couples have to be into the same things.

Happy running y’all!


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