I’m a Lousy Blogger, I Know

I have been running recently, but I have not been blogging.  I end up being so tired by the end of the day, that I just haven’t been taking the time to blog.  I went running with J only once last week, as my ankle felt a little tweaked for a few days afterwards.  I think that 3 1/2 miles was just a wee bit too far.  That’s okay though!  I went to visit my mom in North Carolina over the weekend, and we spent all day Saturday at an arts festival, and even took a walk on Sunday!

My mom is one of my all time favorite people.  I know that most people think that their parents are the most awesome, but I know that my mom is.  She cared for my brother and me as a single parent, and did a pretty great job of it.  Like most parents, I understand now in ways I never did before, she feels like she was only mediocre.  She tells me that she feels like she could have done a much better job, that she should have done more for us, etc etc.  I think that she did great, and that she is great.  Period.

Anyway, we walked about a mile at a pretty slow pace, doing the best we could for her back.  She’s had 2 major back surgeries, and it’s pretty painful for her, so we’ll walk as slow as she needs.  🙂

My Most Incredible Mommy!

My Most Incredible Mommy!

So J and I got back together for a run on Tuesday.  We went to a local park and did the same 30/90 circuit that we have been doing.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate her slowing down, and going such a paltry 2 mile distance, for me.  I felt pretty good afterwards, and today I’m feeling even better.  My little one, H, is feeling pretty cruddy however.  Poor baby has tonsillitis!  But my lovely husband is coming home from work to take over parent duty so I can run with J tonight.  We’re going to keep it pretty short, in the 2 to 2 1/2 mile range, and keep working up my distance.  Since work keeps me on my feet for 8+ hours, we’re also going to make my day off our “long run” day.  I love planning stuff like this out!!

Well my baby boy is sleeping, so I’m going to keep on with the Mommy duties that never stop while he’s down.  Hope y’all enjoy your day!  And don’t forget to get out and run!


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