My Fat Cells Were Sobbing

I did something on Tuesday that I haven’t done in 2 years.  I went for a run.  *gasp*  J and I met up after work, walked a half mile to warm up, part of which was fine on my beloved Skora’s, and then we shuffled off.  She paced me, saying, “Your pace is 1, 2, 3, 4…”  We moved slowly, and ate up two and a half miles running 30 seconds, walking 90.  I focused on my form, trying to forefoot strike and keep my arms loose.  My feet started feeling a little off just before we finished our last run/walk circuit, so it was a good thing it was our last!  We walked the last half mile for a cool down, and then stretched for about 10 minutes by our cars.  I drove home and ate a huge salad for dinner, and passed out on the couch. 
When I got up yesterday morning, my right foot (the one that wasn’t injured) was incredibly tender.  So my husband and I got the kiddo ready for daycare, critters fed, and then I sar with an ice pack on my foot for fifteen minutes before heading in to work.  Let me tell you, yesterday was not my best day at work, due to being so tired and my foot being sore.  Oddly enough, when I was up and moving it hurt less!  When I say down to work on the computer and then stood back up was when the tenderness returned.  That tells me that the muscles were overworked, and it wasn’t anything to do with bone structure.  This was confirmed when I got up this morning, and most of the tenderness was gone!
J and I were supposed to go out again this evening, but she has an event with her son, so we’re going out again tomorrow instead.  I think this is a great thing because I want another day to recover.  I’ll have this weekend to recover too, as B and H and I are going to visit my mother (a 3 hour drive from here).  Perhaps we’ll get a good walk in on Sunday!
As for increasing my maximum mileage, : and I are going to stick with the 30/90 circuit for a while, and slowly increase the distance.  With the half-marathon coming up in 5 months, I need to focus on my increasing my distance safely.  I really wish that I could afford a running coach!!
Speaking of running coaches, here’s a great article from one, Kyle Kranz, about blaming shoes for injuries when runners should blame themselves. http://
By having an experienced training partner, I still have someone else to blame.  Just kidding!  😛


Bright red, sweaty, and gross


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