Playing, Walking, and Eating…My Last Few Days

These last few days have been terribly busy with work and my family.  I haven’t been sleeping terribly well, and neither has anyone else I’ve spoken with, so I’ve been very tired.  Hence, no blog posts!  That does not, however, mean that I haven’t been working out.  On Thursday, J and I had plans to meet after work for another walk.  Not as long as the one on Tuesday, but a walk, none the less.  So I got out of work at my usual time, changed into my running capris, put on my sport’s bra, changed into a clean t-shirt, and walked to my car.  I didn’t put on my usual sweat shorts over my pants, as I usually do.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself for not covering myself from head to toe, as I normally do, and just letting my chubby bottom stay cool for our walk.  Then, I realized I had made a mistake when I packed my gear before work.  I forgot my shoes!!  So I called J and asked if she wanted to reschedule, or just keep the walk really short, since my work shoes aren’t the best for long walks/runs.  Since her friend, L, was joining us, she opted to keep my part of their walk short. shoes.

Awww…work shoes.

As you may notice, my feet and ankles were already a little swollen from walking on them all day at work, but fitness does not stop because we want it to!

So J, L, and I met up, and took the same route J & I had the week before.  A quick 2-miler, where we slowed down a bit, and focused more on form and function than being fast.  L was a delight to meet, and I really appreciated conversing about the upcoming half-marathon we’re all doing.  They told me about when they start to feel tired, what they tell themselves in order to finish.  I’m worried that I won’t be able to make the distance!  But I’m informed that when training begins in June (or July), I’ll be able to make it 4 miles without a problem.  So I’m going to join a group of “turtle runners,” and do my “long run” on Saturdays with them.  That’s when I need to be able to make it 4 miles.  I’ll keep my twice a week get together with J still going, but take Saturday to make it further, and train for this race against myself.  Because that’s what it is.  It’s a race against me and me alone.

So J is off in North Dakota doing a half-marathon today, and unless she is completely wiped out, we’re meeting next Tuesday to start running.  Not walking, running.  It will be slow and short, but it will be running again.  YAY!!  I’ll increase my warm-up in my Skora’s to 10 minutes, and then switch shoes for a 30 second running, 90 second walking interval workout.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this!  Nor can I begin to tell you how excited I am to switch to doing my first interval in my Skora’s week after next.  Every week, I’ll increase my time in my Skora’s by another circuit, until I’m doing almost all of it in them.  I figure, by October, I may actually be running most, if not all, of my run/walk period in them.  YAY AGAIN!!  (Picture a chubby woman doing a sill happy dance)

Some of you may have seen the articles circulating about Vibram Five Fingers being held culpable for the increase of foot injuries, and how stupid minimalist running is.  There is a statement that barefoot/minimalist running is also the reason decreased bone mass in the feet, which causes stress fractures.  If you’re interested in one of the articles, here’s a link:

I truly feel that whatever your preference is for pretty much anything, you can find some sort of study to back it.  I can find studies that will explain how great going barefoot is for your feet, & I can find studies telling you how bad it for them.  Your preference is your preference.  But if you want to convert to minimalist running, here’s a great link on how to transition SAFELY.

Here’s another link, regarding how to properly return to running after an injury (like me!)

Anyway, have fun and be safe out there!  Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there!  Adoptive mom’s, foster mom’s, biological mom’s, furry mom’s – you’re all precious and wonderful.  Enjoy your day!


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