These Mommies Should Wear Capes

I joined the Oconee and Athens area chapter of Mom’s Run This Town (MRTT) a few months ago, but haven’t really met up with anyone yet.  This morning we had meet up, and since a couple of the lady’s were injured or getting back in to it (like me!) I had company!  It was totally lovely meeting some really amazing women, who run (or walk), and just enjoy each other’s company.  The woman who heads up the chapter and I stood out talking for a solid 20 minutes after we walked our last circuit!  I totaled up at 2.5 miles, averaging about an 18 minute mile.  I can do SO much better!

Anyway, and more importantly, if you are a mommy and are looking for a group to encourage each other, and run/walk/jog with…look up your local chapter of MRTT!!  These mommies are awesome!  I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know some of the super women.  There are stay at home mommies, mommies who own their own businesses, full-time employees…they are all awesome mommies no matter how you look at it!


Anyway, I walked about 10 minutes in the Skora’s, and then I changed in to my Asics.  That was really weird.  For the first 20 minutes, the Asics felt bulky and incredibly uncomfortable.  I wasn’t I also noticed that I started extending my stride, and heel striking, once I was back in the Asics.  My overall soreness afterwards wasn’t/isn’t terribly bad.  Well, at least not today!

So I cruised the 30  minute drive home, so find puppies, kitties, husband, and baby all wild and ready for a late breakfast.  We all partook of said late breakfast, and then went out in the yard for some playtime!  H really enjoyed it when his daddy tossed him up in the air.  Most exciting part?  H learned how to throw a tennis ball for the dogs!  Of course, he tried to beat Sadie (world’s sweetest Labrador) to the ball, just so that he could throw it again.  It was a fun-filled 45 minutes.

Sadie and Leigh are worn out after H throws the ball for them!

Sadie and Leigh are worn out after H throws the ball for them!

And then I noticed something utterly adorable, as H ran around the yard, discarding his shoes as he did so…

My baby's Crocs are so cute!  And tiny!

My baby’s Crocs are so cute! And tiny!

So after a great walk in the morning, and fantastic playtime with my husband and baby, I came back inside and put the little guy down for a nap.  While he was napping, I got a little snuggle time with my sweet Leigh.

She made me giggle.

She made me giggle.

So, not terribly exciting, but a really fantastic day.  Also, it’s really nice to know how different the Skora’s feel next to a traditional running shoe.  I love love love how much more I connect to the ground, and to my workout!  I can’t wait until my feet are healthy enough for me to wear them all the time!!  And I plan to run the Peachtree Road Race 2015 in them…and a tutu.


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