It’s Just One of Those Days

I must be the world’s heaviest sleeper.  With the exception of my baby stirring, not much can wake me once I’m down.  Usually, getting to sleep is a 60-second to 5-minute process.  Last night, it was 4 1/2 hour process.  It was just shy of 3AM when I finally fell asleep, and my little guy had me up at 530AM.  I have not needed coffee that badly in quite a while.

I stumble through the door to work, and see that our unit is pretty busy, but..also with some of the same patients we’ve had for a few days.  I like most of these patients and their families tremendously!  So I’m tired, but relatively psyched to work with some awesome nurses and service some great patients.  So that is what I did today.  I walked a fair amount around my unit, got to talk and joke and work with some really fantastic nurses, and even got to give a little bit of love to a teeny baby.  At the end of the day, however, I got a reminder that even my stellar customer service skills need an occasional refresher.  Without going in to any details, I’ll just let you know that I broke one of my cardinal rules for working on a pediatrics unit.  Treat every patient and family member like they are your family.  I hate it when I forget to follow this.

That was how I closed out my work day…remembering that I can always do better; even when what I did was enough, that doesn’t mean it was good enough.

Then I came home, changed out of my dirty scrubs, got back in the car to pick my little guy, H, up at daycare.  When we got home we ran around the house, snuggled ferociously, and then had dinner.  H’s dinner was a rice, egg, and vegetable mix that I make for him.  Mine was pizza.  Darn you “freedom Friday!”

Oh pizza...why must you taunt me with your deliciousness?

Oh pizza…why must you taunt me with your deliciousness?

Have you noticed something?

What is missing?

What is missing?

I didn’t meet up with J this evening.  My husband, B, had to work late, so I grabbed the little guy instead.  J agreed to give me a reprieve so that I might rest my foot for another day.  However, if the weather holds I’m doing  a walk with some of the local members of Mom’s RUN This Town in the morning.  Just a couple of miles, and I’ll do only my warm up in my Skora’s which should allow me to work those foot muscles without overworking them.  I’m really excited to meet up with this group of women!  All of them are mom’s, and all of them are runner’s.  Last time I had signed up for an event with them, I ended up with a stomach bug.  Go figure.

Never fails.  Make plans, get sick.

Never fails. Make plans, get sick.

As for next week, I’ve got cross-training scheduled for Monday morning before work, walk with J on Tuesday and Thursday evening, and cross-training scheduled for Friday (at the very least!  I may hoist myself from the couch on Wednesday as well).

Don’t forget that I have a surprise coming soon!  So please stay tuned, and feel free to take a guess at what it/they may be!


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